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Artist Beware - Sugarfactory/StarFruitStudios/Sugarypuppy -RESOLVED

WHO: Sugarfactory/Sugarypuppy/StarfruitStudios

WHAT: Premade fursuit partial of DJ the Corgi Shep.

WHEN: I first inquired about the partial July 6th of 2013 and made the payment on the same day. It has been about a year and a month now and have not received any type of payment.

PROOF: Screencap of payment: http://i.imgur.com/Tw9lU9E.png
Screencap of first note of interest: http://i.imgur.com/9TCae4o.png
Measurements given and payment confirmed: http://i.imgur.com/Jt0r85z.png

EXPLAIN: July 6th of 2013 I inquired Sugar about one of the premade fursuit partials she was offering. This was actually the "first"of the few fursuits she was going. I paid in full the $175 she was asking for. Initial contact and communication went well, telling me as to when she would start working on DJ just 4 days later: http://i.imgur.com/FgVeaMs.png

That was the last time I got a personal note from her on her fursuiting account, but progress shots of DJ were submitted until August 17th . (submissions are still on her page)

This is also the day where she posts a journal promising new updates soon, none were made on my suit and the last submissions on her account were made a day later of a few other projects she was working on.

September 15th 2013 she is hosting a garage sale with tons of fursuit materials, some including the furs for my suit and a few other suits she had been selling at the time.

October 14th of 2013 she makes a journal explaining she was working on another fursuit that was due that month. No pictures were actually posted and that was the last update on her fursuiting account. http://i.imgur.com/H3CDzVv.png

Sugar has a history of deleting shouts and journals frequently, but around December - February she posted a journal updating her commission status and that she was offering refunds to all who
wanted them. During this time I commented, asking her when I should expect to see my fursuit. She told me that she was no longer doing any of them, and instead offering full refunds for the work as it was taking too much of her time. I was perfectly fine with that and at first I was patient, as I was aware of the depth of the debt she had put herself in. http://i.imgur.com/zPnt8WB.png
At one point I had even gotten a letter in the mail and a free chibi from Sugar due to the kindness and patience I had shown regarding my refund.

March 2014 she is offering traditional badge commissions for $25 dollars, at this point I'm still playing nice and being patient and as a fan of her art I didn't want to pass this opportunity up. As expected there is an issue in getting the commission and I have to bug and prod her to have it sent out in the mail, I also ask yet again as to where my fursuit refund was and she says her bank account was compromised.

July 1st she asks for a commissioner roll call, I once again send her a note about the details for my refund.

July 22nd I inquire again about the refund (you can see I'm getting impatient) and I get the same vague responses.

And this is where we are now. I know it has only been about a week and a half since she has last updated me on this, but I find it odd especially since she had just recently sold her expensive ($2700) fursuit that she still cannot come up with the $175 that I have been waiting for. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5962138/
Not to mention I am the one who has to constantly bug her about a refund instead of keeping her paying customers updated. I feel like I have given Sugar ample time to come up with the refund and given the circumstances, personal or not, this is just inexcusable. While she has been nothing but kind to me in regarding this issue I have heard less than nice things from other people.

All in all the experience started out tolerable and now I just want this resolved as soon as possible, and it seems the only way anyone has ever gotten a refund from her was to get this out in the open.

tl;dr Am still owed a $175 refund from a year ago. Have received nothing but constant excuses as to why I haven't seen any of the money.
Was understanding until I began to realize/see that the "nice guy" front she was using with me was just a charade, as seen as to how she treated another one of her customers.

I will let her know about this a_b but I feel that it is necessary to keep this posted as it seems many others are still waiting for their refunds.

Payment has been refunded so this can be marked as resolved!
Tags: artist-sugarfactory/kahuna., beware, resolved
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