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yea, sorry BT, still don't believe ya! ;)

another update on this continuing thread:
(thought i had posted another some time last month but i can't find it here, so maybe not)

Another long "update" from BlaqueTygriss to her list. most of it was about her divorce. but she did have this to say that i found interesting:

">What holds in the future of my art? Well, like before in 2003, weekly
>auctions on WILL go on, and ONLY auctions. Unless it's a
>commission with someone who I already dealt with or has patience, I
>am not doing anything OTHER THAN auctioning.
>Actually patience may not be a requirement, since I will be living
>alone long as the roof over my head is reliable the art WILL flow.
>The less stressed I am the more creative I am. As many of you recall
>those days of 2003 when I put out something new weekly and done
>commissions within 24-48hrs time and sent right after completion. I
>wonder if there's a market for art of pregnant furries..."

oh i laugh. in other words screw every one who has ALREADY paid her is getting...? notice that she doesn't really say. she's gonna go screw more people on furbid now. ;) this after claiming she'd be contacting all her commissioners "1 by 1" TWO MONTHS ago about status. yea, that never happened either. go fig.

no real news there. just thought i'd say though.
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