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Okie/Vashram/Hertial - Deadbeat Commissioner

WHO: Okie/Vashram (

WHERE: Zannah's Tigerdile Stream

WHAT: Okie/Vashram commissioned a colored sketch of a mostly nude human female from me during a Sunday night stream when I was open for commission slots. The piece was hand drawn and colored in Copic marker, and finished during the stream.

WHEN: Unfortunately, I do not have a log of the initial conversation because Tigerdile does not log chat sessions. However, Okie/Vashram sent me a note on FA at the time detailing what he was interested in. That was 7/13/2014 according to the PayPal invoice timestamp. It is now 7/28/2014.

7/13/2014 - Initial note sent to me during the stream (date discrepancy due to timezone differences):

7/19/2014 - Reminder note sent:

7/22/2014 - Second reminder sent:

7/25/2014 - Warning shout posted to commissioner’s FA page:

7/28/2014 - Notice of blacklisting and post to Artists Beware sent:

7/28/2014 - Shout notifying blacklisting and post to Artists Beware posted to commissioner’s page:

PayPal invoice history:

EXPLAIN: Two days a week, I open my Tigerdile stream for while-you-watch commission slots, of work to be completed in stream. As I was raising money to cover a medical bill at the time, Okie/Vashram expressed an interest in getting a commission to help out.

As per my terms of service, streamed commissions are expected to be paid upon completion at the very latest. Because it was getting late while I was working on his piece, Okie/Vashram asked that I invoice him via PayPal, promising he would take care of it the next day. I agreed, and sent an invoice to the address he provided for the agreed upon amount ($35.00). The artwork in question was finished that night, and scanned and posted the next morning. (NSFW:

The invoice has not been paid, despite multiple reminders sent through PayPal. Notes to Okie/Vashram’s FA have also gone unread and ignored, as did a shout on his page. I do not like confrontation and I don’t care to call people out, but I completed the art in good faith, and have not been paid for it. I warned the commissioner in the middle of last week that I would be reporting him here, and blacklisting him from ever commissioning me again if he had not paid me by Sunday July 27th. That deadline has come and gone.

Okie/Vashram is the first person to have ripped me off in years. Do not accept commissions from this person unless they pay you up front.

UPDATE: Okie/Vashram also goes by the name Hertial. To date he has scammed TWO OTHER ARTISTS on Tigerdile with the same method he used on me, and may be active on other streaming sites doing the same thing! I've also had people contact me privately on FA to whom he owes payment. DO NOT TAKE COMMISSIONS FROM HIM!
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