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Shizimiru/Comico : Character I payed for being Resold (Shimiren Species)

WHO: Shizimiru on DA / Comico on FA

WHAT: I actually have a LOT of stuff on Shizi, but I'm still waiting on a couple screenshots from friends before I post a On her, so the main focus of this AB is on MY character.
The Character in question:
I bought this guy from Shizimiru back in February of 2013, he was a part of her species, the Shimiren. He originally started out as an egg in an adopt auction ( what his egg looked like can be seen in the right-hand corner of the linked reference above) and I won him. I was sent and Invoice from Shizimiru to pay for him after I won him, in which I payed the invoice. Around May of the same year, I found out that Shizimiru is a big-time scam artist and wanted nothing else to do with her. Out of spite, she has tried to re-sell this character I bought from her several times over, refusing to admit that I payed for him even after showing evidence of the payment. As far as I know, its been resold at least twice and she is currently trying to again.

WHEN: February 9th 2013- Now

Screenshots of the payment/invoice:
(if for whatever reason you think these screenshots are forged, I will be more than glad to do a screen-share or a stream to prove otherwise, just send me a note on my DA: Silverwindstar)

Screenshots of her Reselling or Trying to Resell him:
12/7/2013: (this is a different upload. she uploaded it several times in the same day for some reason?)

At some point after that she resold him to Emberfoxy1 on DA

Screenshot of All of the Shimiren from the egg batch:
(she doesn't have permission to upload these but has anyways. As far as I know she hasn't tried to resell the others but I wouldn't put it past her.)

Link of her currently trying to sell him (current date: 7/21/2014): Link: (EDIT: she changed the submission file to something else)
(I had to zoom out so you could see the whole thing)
(I zoomed back in so you can read what it says.)
P.S.: Crazylovecat is my old DA name

she uploaded it again and disabled the comments (Date: 7/30/2014):

Screenshots: (zoomed in for the text here)

Funny thing is, she refuses to admit I ever payed for him, yet she was willing to buy a commission from someone of our characters together?:
You can obviously see her commenting on it and showing no sign that I had done something wrong. :I

Sooo...I can't get DA to take anything down since I'm not the original artist of Bhanu's reference sheet. I talked to Kingneroche (aka Ibee) but it seems DA isn't really taking it seriously :< I sadly had the Admin Realitysquared work on my ticket and he responded very rudely and called the ticket 'resolved' when it most certainly isn't. Oh well, I've been working on redesigning Bhanu anyways, so that is that. I've given up on trying to resolve this with reason so I'm just going to move on and forget. However, I wanted to make an AB anyways to at least warn people not to buy this if you see it.

Umm...if I think anything needs to be added I'll get to it later. Its late and just writing this has gotten my heart-rate up so I need to call it quits for now.

EDIT IMPORTANT: I noticed some of you were commenting on her account. DON'T. Calling her out and leaving insults is not going to help the situation. If you want to warn people, then link them to this AB but don't go and start raising a mess on her account, its immature and your not making yourselves look any better by doing that. So PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON HER ACCOUNT.
Tags: artist-shizimiru/comico, beware
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