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Update on my other post.

Remember http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/77714.html ?

Well, I just got a reply today at some point while I was out, I figured I'd share it with you guys and get some advice. Here's the rather short email:

Kitsune Martin
to me
More options 9:42 am(10 hours ago)
Yeah, I realized it was just flat colors after a second thinking about it, sorreh. I dunno, see if you can go ahead and shade it for me. I'll go get envelopes today or whatever. I dunno if I want to pay FIFTEEN for it, but I asked you to make the port and you're trying so I might as well..

They're doing me SUCH a huge favour by generously being willing to continue the commission that might eventually pay 10-15 dollars, huh?

So, how do you guys recommend I reply? I want to remain polite and honest about not wanting to continue the commission with them. Even though they're... not exactly being polite, I don't want to be rude unless they get all out nasty with me. Any suggestions? :)

ETA: Thanks a lot, you guys. :) This whole thing was making me feel pretty crappy when it first happened, but I feel a lot more confident now.

For anyone curious, I don't intend to finish the commission with this person even if they were to pay MORE than 15 dollars, I just don't want to deal with them anymore. If I can figure out how to work Furbid, I might just put the port up there and then email the link to the commissioner and tell them if they still want it, they can buy it there. If anyone else would be interested in seeing the auction, let me know!

ETA 2: Well, I signed up for Furbid, left it alone a while, then came back about half an hour or so later and was given an error that my account was suspended (?). So I sent an email off to the admin of the site.

Is anyone here knowledgeable with Furbid? I don't really understand how to use it and the FAQ isn't really very detailed. I could use some help, assuming I can get my account activated again.

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