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ugh *UPDATE*

WHO: CharChar2 on ChickenSmoothie
lady--bug on Deviantart


WHAT: Digital Reference of my fursona.

WHEN: Commissioned on October 6th, 2013.
Trouble started about a week afterwards.

PROOF: Conversation is read from the bottom to the top!


Also read from bottom to the top!


Payment proof:

I commissioned them in October of 2013 to make a digital reference of my fursona. We agreed on the payment pictured above, and yes, pets are a valuable currency on that website.
So, afterwards, I sent Charchar2 a PM with a description of the character. No screenshots of this because at the time, I hadn't seen any red flags. The description was along the lines of, "A cyborg German Shepard with a green belly, black top, and a robotic right forearm." She told me okay, and accepted the trade for the pets, and she'd get started right away.
A few days later she messaged me and showed me the ref. Everything looked good, until I saw that the arm was a normal dog arm. None of the arms or legs were robotic at all. So I replied, told her everything looked good except the right arm was supposed to be robotic. Me, being naive and trusting, didn't take any screencaps still. She apologized, and told me that she'd try and fix it soon but she had other people waiting for commissions and was slightly busy. I was okay with that, and just told her to get it done as soon as she could. I waited for, probably until February of this year. I was quietly stalking her pages, watching her take more and more commissions while hoping that she hadn't forgotten to fix the arm. Still, I got nothing.
A month later, in March, I was getting tired of waiting, so I messaged her and asked if she was ever going to fix the arm. She told me she had no idea what I was talking about and that I was probably confusing her with someone else.
I showed her the trade, and told her what I had commissioned. She apologized and told me she would look through her files and see if she could find the ref and fix it. I told her that was fine, but let me know when she found it.
So I waited again to July. I messaged her and asked her if she was going to redraw it, because I was assuming she hadn't found the file. Thats when that whole conversation occured.

I admit I could have maintained a more calm tone, but I feel very frustrated that a simple fix that could have been easily done in 30 minutes would take over 9 months to tell me she had forgotten about it.

So, after telling me that she traded away the payment and doesnt have the pets anymore... .

I did get my refund, but I don't think I will be commissioning them again.
They're a great artist, as long as your character is mistake proof.

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