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Advice, should I ask for a refund?

Edit; Refund recieved, without any issue :)

I'm using you fine folks far to much for advice - but here I go again :)

It's are a little long so going to do it in short points. just say if you want something elaborated :)

Okt 2013 - commissioned an artist for pet portrait
Nov 2013 - Paid down the commission ($250+) and recieved a Wip
Jan 2014 - artist ask if it's ok to change from one traditional method to another traditional method - this was fine by me.
Feb 2014 - Pet passed away, I'll admit I lost a little interest in the commission due to this. Later in Feb I got a sketch in the new media and approved it.
June 2014 - not hearing anything I asked for an update, I was told due to some irl things the piece had barely been worked on and the artist had no updates.
July 2014 (now) I discovered she have a history of taking money from people and skipping accounts, but it was under another name with her new name not tagged (but mentioned). Also said artist came and had a small attitude in the comments. (not mean and nast, but a little inapropiate due to their actions)

I was not worried - but now I am, this was a couple years ago (the artist's old A_B entries), and I want to give them a chance to see if things have changed, but if this was any other image I would have asked for a refund by now. However due to the sentimental value I would really love the image as well.

Should I just wait it out and hope for the best? I am on the queve and not "forgotten" in that way. Or should I send an ultimatum of X'timeframe or partial refund? (I do not want the full refunds and I've kept a copy off all the sketches and adore them greatly).

Also any help with how I should word it when asking for a refund (if I decide to go this way), I do not want to come off as demanding and harsh - but I do not want to be too nice either :/
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