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Advice needed. -Update.

First post, so if I mucked anything up, please let me know. ><

Alright, so I'll make this short.

I'm unsure of just what to do with this situation and how to handle it.

A month ago I traded my old character's design for a brand new customized piece. Well, it turns out that the artist I traded her to traced both pieces of art from a game image and another artists' work. I was under the impression I was getting 2 pieces of art, not traced works. The artist I traded her to then decided to put her up for sale, I don't know if she sold, and later deactivated their account, leaving me NO way to contact them to discuss the fact that he violated our trade agreement.

I still want the original design I traded them, but I have no way to contact them, as they supposedly 'killed themselves' according to a journal.

Should I reclaim my character, and request that the art they posted be removed? There was no additional art they commissioned, or drew of her.

I'm extremely unsure of how to handle this, and I don't want to do wrong to someone if they paid money for her.

Update: So I went ahead and tracked down the artist, they deny tracing my works of art, even though I have a clear layover that someone else sent me. They also refuse to sell her back to me, because I accused them of tracing, so I guess I will be contacting the site they're posted on and having them removed on grounds of art theft. :(

I've also come to find out the journal wasn't posted by them, and was posted by a supposed 'friend', they are supposedly in the hospital because they tried to commit suicide.However, they're still responding regularly on a different account.

Okay, well. The artist did not commit suicide, and came back. He blocked me after I approached him and mentioned the traced work. I offered to buy the character back at his asking price and he sold it to someone else. I contacted them and will be asking them to remove the work. If they don't I am not sure what to do as Deviantart (The site in which the work is posted on) requires me to own the copyright to the ART, which I have commissioned pieces that I don't. I own the copyright to the character, as I purchased the character, useage, and copyright for her.
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