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Mathew Kilbourn

Beware: Raptorkou/So-Ko/Kaivolate/Commander-Stickypaw/Dante-Feline

WHO: Raptorkou/So-Ko/Kaivolate/Commander-Stickypaw

WHERE: (disabled) (disabled) (active but not posting) (active but not posting) (active but not posting) (inactive) (inactive)

WHAT: 2pc pixel art commission

WHEN: July 20 2013 - Ongoing

PROOF: Below.

EXPLAIN: Artist posted on their journal around this time that they were opening up emergency commissions to cover bank overdraft fees. I ordered 2 pixel art commissions from him as seen below:

Shortly after this the artist wiped their account and left FA. At this point I considered the matter a lost cause until running across them again on Tumblr and inquired on the status of my commission. I received no reply, and soon after this they returned to FA under the account Around this time I realized I wasn't the only one he owed art to as his shoutbox was loaded with requests for contact or commission updates. This account was soon abandoned and he returned to raptorkou, where he reopened commissions. Any requests made for updates on pending works on his page or journals were deleted until this journal was posted:

After this capture the journal was deleted, and they have made no replies to any attempts to contact them.

UPDATE: New active FA account is dante-feline
Tags: artist-raptorkou/so-ko/kaivolate/command, beware
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