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Beware: Chyuu/Sibyl.

This is a follow up to this post as a few people expressed interest in a full beware. Some information is missing due to it happening last year and I'd like to apologize for that in advance. If there's any information needed I'll try my hardest to dig it up, otherwise I'll be trying my best to recount what happened as accurately as possible.

EDIT: Both the Chyuu account and character have been sold to two different people who are not part of this beware, this is only about the user Sibyl.

WHO: Chyuu/Sibyl.

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/chyuu (apparently abandoned), http://chyuukitty.tumblr.com, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sibyl.

WHAT: A commission done in the style of the Animal Crossing series, the completed commission can be found here.

WHEN: Commission was accepted September 23rd 2013, and payment was sent on the same day. Commission was completed on October 3rd.

PROOF: -The original journal
-Chyuu expressing interest in a slot
-The completed form
-I sent an invoice, and Chyuu said they would pay in a few hours
-More info in the explain section, if a paypal screencap is required I can try to find it

EXPLAIN: As you can see in the proof section, I opened AC-style commissions on September 23rd last year, Chyuu expressed interest in one and ordered a slot, they filled out the form I provided and I sent them an invoice for payment. This is when the trouble first started.

-I received this note a few hours after Chyuu's previous reply. On its own I found the note condescending at most but looking back I can see it was my first warning sign. I explain that Paypal could track my account through my username and I was simply protecting myself. (I should add that I don't do nsfw work anymore but still don't include my usernames in notes just to be safe). I started to get suspicious at this point due to them claiming they were on a low budget yet had ordered other art, but this was none of my business so I didn't mention it.

-I expected them to send payment after this but the invoice was still unpaid, so sent a follow up note a while later reminding them. I received this reply, the sudden change in tone threw me off a little but they did pay their invoice.

-The note with their completed commission. I want to point out that I'd mentioned not to use the hires file when reposting in the note, as I do whenever I send files to my customers. I'd also like to point out my ToS where it's also mentioned - "
You may repost your commission if you link back to one of my galleries.
You may only repost the lowres version. You may edit the hires to use as icons, banners, part of a layout, etc. but please credit me." I never received a reply to this note.

-Chyuu then reposted their commission to their gallery. This is how it currently looks, but originally there was no mention of my name. They'd also uploaded the hires version which did not have a watermark. I asked them to credit me but they only added my username to the title, despite my ToS asking for a link back. I originally didn't notice they'd used the hires file, but asked them to change it which they did. You can see the entire comment thread here.

-Chyuu reposted their commission again. As before this is how it currently looks. I didn't think to screencap them originally as I was never planning on posting this to A_B. They'd used the lowres file but had once again not credited me. I noted them to ask for credit, this note was ignored.

-I noted Chyuu again about credit. I admit I was getting a bit tired of their behaviour so my tone may be a little off from now on which I apologize for! Chyuu replied almost immediately, and continued to do so despite claiming to be busy. Again, I got a little snippy but I found their reply ironic considering they hadn't credited me.

-Like before Chyuu didn't link back to my page, the last time I let it go but at this point I really just wanted credit for my artwork. (NSFW) This is what the link leads to. Again, despite claiming to be busy they had time to screencap their gallery yet couldn't simply credit me. I'd actually gone through their gallery at this point to see if their claims were true and found a handful of artwork they hadn't credited, even ignoring someone who had asked for the source in the comments. Again, I can dig up proof of this but I feel it's not entirely relevant to my post.

-I asked them to also credit me properly in the first submission. They finally linked back to my profile even if the links are in the bottom right corner of the description.

-Chyuu simply replies with this. At this point I'd had enough of their behaviour and told them they were blacklisted. I then blocked Chyuu and thought this would be the end of it.

-I don't have proof of this which I apologize for again, but Chyuu then went and reposted their commission to their Tumblr with no credit. I can't remember which file it was but I do remember it being around January this year. Their URL was '
thecuterednote' but the account has since been deleted. Tumblr has a page which you can submit DMCA notices to, I filled out the form and Tumblr took the submission down.

-Chyuu has since posted this commission at least one more time to my knowledge. Once again there's no credit and they've posted the hires file. I've sent another DMCA to Tumblr and am waiting to hear back as I write this. The Tumblr this was posted to has since been abandoned and their new Tumblr was posted in the 'where' section. EDIT: Tumblr has removed the post

In Conclusion: Chyuu has ignored my ToS and requests on multiple occasions, it's been several months since I took their commission and I'm disappointed that I'm still dealing with this. I'm also worried they've reposted this commission in other places that I haven't found yet. They may continue to disrespect other artists and I'd like to warn them not to do business with this customer.
Tags: beware, comm-sibyl./chyuu

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