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Beware: Fursuit Maker Plagiarism - Starrik

WHO: Starrik, StarrikKyrubui, WonderFursStudios
Also there was trouble at FWA2014 during our convention. Also at Anthrocon 2014 regarding seams popping and various
other things falling off / breaking. Namely pawpads, and the tail zipper being reversed.
1400$ for Full digitigrade fursuit, including movable jaw, and 3d follow me toony eyes.

Starrik showed me Turbowolf's head as an example and the Resin head as well for examples. I also at this time
requested fullbody suit examples to which she stated she had no pictures taken but built Turbo's
I liked the style of both heads enough to approve her and give her my details and confirm with her.
Initial payment was March 3rd
Conversations discussing what I wanted took place shortly after through twitter DMs
Suit work didn't begin til later that month.
Signs of trouble began to show almost immediately when she refused to provide updates for unknown reasons and stated
that I approved of the handpaws claws, pawpads. Along with the fact the paws did not fit properly between my thumb
and pointer digit.
She later hired several other people and formed a business named "Wonderfursstudios" with herself and several
Final payment was sent on June 10th in the amount of 350 as I was told I owed.
A rough time line of the situation from initial conversation, to 1st payment (or agreement of trade) to signs of

All of her business transactions were done through her boyfriends PayPal account. Sekioh.
There was also a sewing machine I had to buy for her which was part of the payment valued at 50$

Trouble started about half way when I was given an estimation by her that I would have "at least" a partial in time
for FWA. Though while we were at FWA she claimed several people had contacted her claiming I was going to "dispute
payment" and "chargeback scam" her. One of which being a good friend by the name of Sovy Kurosei upon asking him had
he contacted her he stated he did not know her let alone that she was making my suit at the time. When I had also
requested her for proof of the notes / DMs containing all of that she magically lost them and claimed FA glitched and
deleted them all.

After I saw the handpaws in person with the Silicone installed in them I was very displeased and with how things were
going so far I just wanted to be done with it all honestly. The center pawpad on the handpaws were rough and looked
realistic and not toony as I had requested. Not to mention the handpaw also did not fit on my thumb and index

Out of the 1400$ and having to also buy her a sewing machine and her running out of money for parts, eg; the silicone
for handpaws, or resin for jawset.

Below was her quote of how much a foam based head from her would cost. Along with the none shaving of handpaws. I
figured I could get someone else to shave it.

Later on I found out that was a good choice after they used a regular hair trimmer, and not a dog grooming trimmer.
Likely with the default blade...which broke part way through shaving my head and caused nasty deep cuts on the suit.

She has been trying to help me fix the suit but the main reason I am doing this is because I have learned now she is
in no way the fursuit maker that made the Turbowolf head. Let alone able to produce quality of what she plagiarized
as her work to coax me to buy from her.

There is a large stress point on the left side of my suit despite her having made a DTD with me and the assistance of
Sekioh. The left footpaw does not fit my left foot properly and is loose. Both footpaws the right inner claw was
popping out because she had only glued one side.

Not to mention the footpaws are completely different sizes..and shapes


She did not properly hatch the silicone for the handpaws and they were popping off at Anthrocon at the lightest
touches. Not to mention the fur where they were going to be installed at was not cut but actually melted by the hot

Not to mention when I told her I was unhappy with the handpaws this was her response. She puts her own likes above
mine and feels the need to state she LIKES them herself as if to influence my opinion. I saw the handpaws only with
the fur, never with the pawpads or claws.

The eyes had exposed glue everywhere, and one spot was not even glued properly and the material used for the eye
around it was not a hard material but a foam like one.
There was exposed foam in several places on the head along with seams.

Pictures of an overall view of the head. Bare in mind I did have it touch up trimmed at Anthrocon, and reglued by
another fursuit maker. You can see though the head is clearly off centered by a lot and not to mention my markings as

When I asked her to give me the fur scraps / left over fur from my downpayment I received this.

I believe she can properly repair the footpaws, and handpaws, or make new ones that are improved. I do not desire a
refund for these but rather a proper repair along with these the bodysuit.

I do not wish risk having her make another head. So with that I expect a refund in the valuation of the head as she
quoted above of a price between "$500 to $600" as it is not possible above examples is the quality of her work. Thus

I believe I was wronged by this maker in full about the quality of fursuit heads outcome.
Which was a complete scam/forgery on her part to try and claim someone elses work as her own and according to

FuchsiaPossum http://puu.sh/a35Wl/37c257838d.png Starrik was only her PR for the most
even helped on that head. According to Fuchsia all she assisted with was the stress test.

At this point she has zero intention of refunding me but insisting she can repair all of this damage, and has
actually requested me if I desired new claws for my fursuit handpaws I would have to pay for them myself. Even if they
are a $10 set from DVC and the current set is a set I never approved nor was happy with to begin with.

7/23/2014 UPDATE:
We have met an agreement in which the following will take place
The fursuit head will be fully refunded - $400 (though was quoted $500-$600 for a head alone without a suit) of which no money has been received yet.
Handpaws are to be remade
Footpaws are to be remade
Bodysuit is to be FULLY repaired to quality standard. Otherwise it will be FULLY refunded.

​7/30/2014 Additional pictures/evidence of bodysuit:
A lot of handsewing had to be done in the tail to fix the markings by Starrik at Anthrocon. Updates of 12 holes repaired total, and in the tail itself as well.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182436.jpg - Left side stress point, I am unable to raise my arm higher than this.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182443.jpg - Right side lift can go a bit higher
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182536.jpg - Assymetry of markings
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182718.jpg - Suit wants to slip off the left side of my shoulder.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182629.jpg - Example 2 of the shoulder slipping off left side.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140719_182708.jpg - Current tail attachment arrangement.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140709_130111.jpg - The temporary belt attachment fix at AnthroCon
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140731_015756.jpg - Non-sewn area
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140731_015843.jpg - Hole in the center of fur
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140731_015911.jpg - Inside shot of clumped machine sewn fur
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/Starrik/20140731_015930.jpg - Outside shot of clumped machine sewn fur

9/6/2014 UPDATE:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/ss%2B%282014-09-06%2Bat%2B10.10.50%29.png - Email of agreement, request of when she will pay. Along with statement of handpaws / footpaws would be done "by the first" which is another example of them setting personal deadlines and missing them.

9/21/2014 STATUS UPDATE:
400$ Refund: not yet received
New handpaws / footpaws: not yet received

10/20/2014 STATUS UPDATE:
As of 11:38PM I have received partial refund of 200$ leaving 200$ to be paid at this time.
Handpaws and Footpaws are yet to be received but Starrik has made good gesture on her part with partial repayment thus far.
As of this point I am signaling she is showing good gestures towards positively resolving this issue.

Another 200$ has been repaid. With that the 400$ owed has been repaid but this still leaves the handpaws and footpaws.

8/9/2015 STATUS:
Bodysuit has been given to Starrik for repairs. She's also working on newer footpaws and handpaws.

8/23/2015 ADDITIONAL INFO: While randomly searching my name on twitter I found old logs and found out when Starrik sent me reference of FuchsiaPossums work as her own.
http://puu.sh/jMhwM/9e5c550862.png and an archive of those tweets https://archive.is/xrXSj
Tags: artist-starrik/starrikkyrubui/wonderfurs, beware, fursuit
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