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Handling a blacklist situation?

Hi all,

So I recently moved over to FA to start doing commission work over there. I mostly do YCH auctions at this moment, but will be moving over to commissions and YCH auctions in the near future.

I had a recent incident with a client; I do not want to name names yet, since I am hoping this won't escalate to a beware situation. I have never dealt with this before, so I am hoping for some input and advice for my situation.

Essentially, an individual bid on an auction, and won a full body, fully shaded image. They requested I draw their partner's character, and sent me their reference. I completely finished shading/mapping out the skin, when they notified me that they had broken up, and requested I change the coloring. I had been sending regular updates throughout the line/coloring process, and the individual waited until one of the last stages to tell me this (apparently the breakup happened during this process, and I never received notification to stop working).

I told them that there would be an additional fee, since I was throwing out 3 hours of work, and would have to scrap the entire image to fit their character's color palette. They opted not to pay the fee, and we came to an agreement that they could have the lines, I would keep the full YCH auction price, and that they could recolor the image themselves. I also told them to link it back to me when they posted the piece.

I visited the image a month later today, and not only is there no credit to me, but they had someone else recolor the image; they did not recolor it themselves.

I personally do not want this person bidding on any of my future auctions, and I do not want to work with them in the future because of this. I have already sent them an email explaining that they need to give me credit for the work I did (they gave credit to the recoloring artist), and also quoted our previous conversation in my note as well. I do not know how to approach the subject of not wishing to work with them in the future, and gently putting it that they are blacklisted from any further auctions or commission pieces.

Also, if they do not give me credit for my work, what options should I take from here on out?

Thank you very much in advance.
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