Dani (kayla_la) wrote in artists_beware,

Notice of 2 Rule Changes!

This is an announcement that we are tweaking two rules, outlined below:

1. From this announcement forward, tracing and art theft posts will fall under our usual 'no proxy' blanket rule. This means an involved party will need to be the person who posts the beware, whether it be a purchaser or the artist whose work was stolen/copied. Be aware that the 'must be transaction related' rule still applies to art theft posts, and that you can always take your proxy art theft posts to art_theft.

2. All Paypal addresses and real life names should be censored when you submit screencaptures, pending our best judgment in specific cases. Previously, we manually checked to see if this information was publicly available, but we have decided censoring them from the start would be a better direction.

Thank you for reading!
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