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Advice request

Take on a rush order, finish entire costume on time, in two months start to finish, ready to ship on time. My end of the deal is finished.

Customer informs me after seeing final photos she will pay me the final (around 700 including shipping) on Thursday.

Thursday passes. Not entirely worried.

Talk to customer Friday, don't mention payment, talk about photos, normal conversation

Remind customer Saturday the remaining balance is due and I need to ship Monday to get it there on time.

Informed customer was robbed on Thursday and is unable to pay me anything until after AC.

Inquire about when I can expect payment, if they can get me anything by the 8th (I have bills too, you know)

Waiting for a response. Feels as if I'm getting the cold shoulder. Customer has been absolutely wonderful otherwise.

My TOS doesn't cover any situations like this. That is being fixed.

I'm completely heartbroken, I don't know what to do. If this was a normal commission (something that takes me 5-6 months to finish) I normally wouldn't have a problem giving 3 months for them to sort things out and put them on the back burner.... I put my other customers on the back burner to rush order something that now can't be paid for on time. I made this specifically to be at AC. Would it be fair to ask for further compensation/late fees?  I don't even have the room in my studio to have a suit hang out for 3 months.

Halp me AB; you're my only hope.
Tags: advice for artists, fursuit

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