tychanlesbian (tychanlesbian) wrote in artists_beware,

How long should I wait?

This is mostly just an asking advice submission, so I won't name any names. I bought a ladder auction fursuit commission back towards the end of November 2013. Made arrangements with the people for payment plans, and payed my payments on time. I finally payed it off towards the end of February 2014, and had been getting regular updates from the people with pictures and such. Then in about March/April I kind of stopped hearing from them, and here it is Almost the end of June, and I haven't really gotten any updates about the fursuit.

We never agreed on a set time line, and no deadlines were given, so I was wondering, how long would be to long to wait, to take action, as far as I am aware they don't really have a queue, but I am unsure, as they don't seem to have a queue public.
Tags: advice for commissioners, fursuit
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