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advice for artists - nonresponsive client, commission on hiatus

Hi everyone!

I follow this community and recommend others to do so as well a lot, but never thought Id actually post here myself. Thanks a lot for reading, I hope I do this right.
I need advice on a specific case - however no names are needed, its not a beware.

Back in December I took on a commission from a client (it was a returning one, sometimes a little late with replies, but a good relationship). I processed to the stage of linework. Each stage I show to the client before I move onto a next one, since I want to be sure they are happy with the result. I have not received feedback this time. I tried to send several emails first in a weekly waiting time. I also tried to note them on DA, since they seem to log on and fave some art, but are not much active otherwise. I tried to write to them an email again this month, telling them Id like to finish the commission and even posted a comment on their DA page that an email should be in their inbox.

My main concern is - I really want to finish the commission, it is really taking a long time already and I do change my style/evolve. I do not know what to do at this point - the commission was paid for, so I was not scammed.

What would be a correct course of action? Partial refund, total refund, waiting, trying to reach them again? Also - should I think about implementing some sort of rule into my TOS so I avoid these kind of situations?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: I have sent the refund to the client (50% covering the work for coloring). Paypal is displaying they need to claim it, since if I remember correctly they use a different currency (the payment they sent to me was made in the same currency, so I used it while refunding as well). I also sent them an email, explained and given permission to them to take it to another artist and attached the picture again for the record (thanks for the advice!). I guess that is it for now, or should I do something else just yet?

EDIT2: I got and email from paypal saying the client accepted the money I sent to him. I have not gotten any message from him, nor email - so at this point I am only left puzzled what happened, but the matter is solved and closed. :) Thanks for your advices again!
Proof here:
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