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BEWARE: PurpleSlushie

WHO: PurpleSlushie
WHAT: Fursuit head
WHEN: November 10, 2013 until Now [June 20, 2014]
Summary: Months of waiting for a fursuit head, still haven't received it yet..

November 10, 2013: I've asked PurpleSlushie if she was opened for commissions and I wanted her to finish my head base.  She asked to see photos of the headbase. []  She said she can modify the muzzle for $300 [] and accepted the commission request.  I was definitely interested and pursued on doing business with her.  She wanted full payment upfront before she does any work [].

November 17, 2013: A week went by and I had enough money to send her the $300 for the commission. She also wanted another $20 for an extra attachment for my fursuit head, which I was fine with.  [] PayPal transaction here:

December 17, 2013:  I haven't head from PurpleSlushie in a month, so I wanted to know if there was any updates, so I've sent her a note asking when I be able to send me my head so she can modify it.  She said I can send it any time before the end of December. []

January 28, 2014:  I've already sent out the head and still haven't heard from her if she's gotten the head or not, so I've sent her another note, asking if she's received it.  She said she got it on that day and she asked if it was OK for her to modify the lower jaw. []

January 30, 2014:  I've asked for her PayPal address again so I can send her the extra $20 for the head accessory attachment.  She said she is going to try her best to make it because she hasn't done anything like that before.  She also said the fursuit head would be done by the end of that month, or by mid-March. []

February 25, 2014:  Another month goes by without any updates, so I've noted her again.  She said she's done modifying it and it's ready to be furred.  She also requested my e-mail so she can send pictures.

March 22, 2014:  Haven't heard from her in a month again, but I've received a note from her cousin, saying she will be furring the face and ears, and do detail work around the eyes. []  After receiving that note, I felt so relieved seeing an update on my fursuit head.  She said she'd send me more photos later on in the week. []

April 17, 2014:  Her cousin sends me a note again, updating me.  She asked what kind of nose I wanted. []

May 26, 2014:  I've sent her another note asking for an update, she replies, promising to send me more photos and having it finished by the weekend. []  Excited with the good news, I asked if she will be able to ship it ASAP and provide a tracking number for it, she says there will be a tracking number but she was unsure if she can ship it ASAP because of unreliable transportation. []

June 4, 2014:  Still not receiving any more pictures, I've left her a shout on her page and she responded, saying that the head is ready to be shipped.  She also waiting to get a new camera so she can send me more pictures in a couple days. []

June 9-16, 2014:  I've sent her an e-mail, because she asked if it was my e-mail so she can send me the pictures of my fursuit head.  After waiting for months and months for pictures, I've already become impatient.. []

As of now, June 20, I still haven't received any more word from her.  It feels like every time I contact her, she promises to send me pictures, which she doesn't.  It also feels like she is avoiding me.  I feel like I've lost $320 and I cannot dispute with PayPal to get a full refund back.
Tags: artist-purpleslushie, beware, fursuit

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