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Lost contact: MoonlitLeopard

I'm in a bit of a pickle with someone called MoonlitLeopard regarding the design I've bought.

January 18: He made a journal, auctioning off a character Syki (a custom character he got from Kanel) with a buyout price of $75. I auto-bought it because I like the sci-fi-themed design of the character. Upon doing so, I promptly paid him $75.

PayPal receipt
Character design in question (NSFW) now deleted as it's been sold

June 5: He approached me via PM, asking me to sell the aforementioned character back to him. I replied back, agreeing to sell it back (as I haven't used it very much anyway), but the PM was read and ignored. Two days later, I PM'd him, asking if he's getting his money onto his PayPal account (as I may have assumed), but it was left unread.

6 days later, I left a shout on his page, politely asking if he's still interested in buying Syki back. My comment is, "are you still interested in buying Syki back? Because I hadn't heard back from you since you asked me for her"

Still no answer from him as of now.

I even tried sending him a money request through PayPal, but had to cancel it due to no response.

It seems to me that he may have disappeared since to day he asked me for the design back. Where is he?

ETA: since MoonlitLeopard hasn't responded (as of now), I've decided to sell the character to someone else who's willing to take care of her (and someone did, in fact, bought her)
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