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BEWARE: X1XpachiaX1X

Hello! I'd like to share a story. Hopefully I can post it here though!

WHO: X1XpachiaX1X

WHAT: Accepted an Art Trade with me on deviantART and still hasn't done their part


So one day on deviantART I got a note asking for a request or an art trade on March 12th, 2014. I told her that I don't do requests but at that time Monochromatic Headshots (which I recently finished hers because she also requested one) and so we agreed on an art trade.I finished her part the next day, May 13th. (It's right here) She thanked me and said that her part was almost finished.

I waited for a month before I noted her about the Art Trade because I knew there was still school going on. I thought that she had forgotten about it, but it turns out that she hadn't and her excuse was that she moved in with her mom and she wanted to redraw a lot of things, which I accepted. I didn't think about being scammed then.

About another month passed when I noted her again to check up on her. I received no response and thought that she was busy, but I was starting to lose my patience with her.

A few days ago I commented publicly on her profile and she still hasn't responded to me about the art trade, whereas right now I am losing my patience greatly.

I'm probably going to give her another week to finish, and if she doesn't then I will take down her part of the art trade until she finishes my part. I'm trying to be as patient as I can, but soon it will be 3 months since we proposed the art trade.
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