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Artist Beware - SugarFactory

WHO: FA - SugarFactory / StarFruitStudios / Kahuna. / gummifruit
DA - aloharilakkuma
Tumblr - sugargalaxy
Twitter - kahunaotter

WHAT: 5 Yards of Black DF Fur for $85

WHEN: (September 6th, 2013) September 7th, 2013 to PRESENT

PROOF: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0tqg6k20tdhk3xr/AADvRCIJd3E8TEwq1VVTNWnYa

On September 5th, 2013 at 06:14 AM SugarFactory posted a picture of A LOT of fursuit making material that was for sale.

I was pretty excited about this because it's a lot less than retail so I jumped on the chance to purchase 5 yards of black DF fur. Letter H as seen above.

So on September 7th, Contact for payment and shipment.
I have blocked out personal information.

Proof of payment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4ksluuao32af4g/Proof%20of%20Payment.png

So after this Sugar posts a journal saying that she has a delay in shipping because it's been raining and now her car is in the shop... I decide to note her to find out how long the delay would be.
The note was ignored..

So I decided to wait a bit and then note her again.

I'm trying to be as nice as possible, I'm a really understanding person..if you don't lie to me. I still didn't get a response. Getting frustrated, I send a third note.
Unfortunately, I'm a softy..and saw a journal she posted about dealing with depression, which I really understand a little too well..so I didn't follow through on that Nov 1st thing. I really should have. However, this note did warrant a response.
I blocked out the part where I poured my guts out to try and show her that she wasn't alone with mental disorders, and that she can contact me at any time if she just needed to talk. Sorry, but yall don't need to know my mental health status.

Some time after that she posts a journal saying she was in the hospital, and posted a picture for proof..pneumonia, and stomach issues. Ok. That's bad stuff to deal with..I decide to give her a break. She disappears again for 3 months. I happened to see a post from ErisValgen on twitter stating that she was sad that Sugar was going by a different name on a different account. She linked me the account via PM, but I had seen I wasn't the only one who found it. (This is the Kahuna account.) This is also when I learn she's really darn close to getting an AutumnFallings suit. Those are really expensive. An Artist Beware is posted, and she returns to her SugarFactory account and talks about how she regrets what she's done, feels terrible, etc. She also states in the journal that her parents paid for the suit of Kahuna.. Though, about two months ago, she went through and wiped her journals!
You can see the gap from 8 months to 2 months... That was where the apology journal was.

I sent the initial note (and it sat and was ignored) before she posted the apology journal...her response came 2 days after the apology journal was posted.
I didn't follow up on March 1st...I should have, but I got busy and forgot. My bad.

First promise of a refund: https://www.dropbox.com/s/75539z51qucd1or/A%20doggone%20excuse.png

Still no refund: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ojlpat9r9kcsvm4/Oh%20I%20thought%20I%20already%20refunded%20you%20lol.png

Some time after that she posted a journal saying her bank account was compromised:
Blocked out people's usernames for their protection.

Then she posts a journal saying that she's going to a convention! Her bank account is fine now...
I decide that I'm done being nice. I lay down my expectations. It's now 6/1 and here's my A_B post, as promised.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/gl258dyq6vweitg/More%20unhappy%20people.png This also shows that there are other people unhappy with the situation. I blocked out all but tentacleluvgdss since she just made an A_B about Sugar as well.

The last note I sent her still remains unread from a month ago.

I've also emailed Dragoneer about this, because more people need to come forth. Some people are still being very nice and waiting patiently, but some of us are sick of it.

EDIT: Immediately after submitting this post the second time (had to make a few edits) I had left a comment on her page stating I was making an A_B post she noted me, and sent me my refund of $85. I told her I would make this edit as soon as it was poste, but I would not remove the entry as she still owes so many people money.
Artist's beware has moved!
Do NOT repost your old bewares. They are being archived.


( 13 comments — Leave a comment )
Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:11 pm (UTC)
One of my friends purchased one of her premade suit design things and never got it. Sugar promised a refund, friend never got it. Blah blah excuses, it goes on.. Anyway, she gave Sugar a second chance and purchased art and got it right away. Seems she doesn't have priorities.

Another friend bought a badge from Sugar and it was done for months but Sugar never told her. Friend was very upset. I don't understand?

Perhaps she has an overwhelmingly large amount of customers but I cannot excuse her behavior.

My deepest apologies for having to deal with this, and pouring your heart out and being kind only to have it backfire on you. :( You seem like a very sweet person.

I know you know, but regardless of people's excuses for not doing things, protect yourself and don't be afraid to do charge-backs. Don't feel bad about it, I've had to do it before.

I hope Dragoneer does something about her, people are being nice but the amount of people who are waiting and have been waiting is disgusting. She shouldn't be let off the hook like that.

Good luck and I hope you get your money back ):
Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I made an edit, but right after I made this post she contacts me and sent my refund.
Jun. 3rd, 2014 06:06 am (UTC)
Good :) I'm glad it worked out for you. Still unfortunate though.
Jun. 3rd, 2014 01:24 am (UTC)
This. I had a chat with Sugar once, and she seemed quite nice, but that doesn't excuse her behaviour and she should not be getting away with so much. If it was one incident I wouldn't be fazed, but I've heard of... three? Four? Perhaps it's even more than that. I've lost track, and that says a lot.
Jun. 3rd, 2014 06:07 am (UTC)
She seems nice, she was supposed to room with me for BLFC but she kept making excuses why she couldn't pay for the room. She ended up not going but I wish she just told me upfront that she didn't have the funds/didn't plan on actually going. I would have been okay with that but I had other people looking for a room and I was waiting on her.

She was never rude or mean, just seems overwhelmed.
Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:41 pm (UTC)
Even if she didn't owe a lot of money, it is against our rules to delete an entry once it's up.

Once your refund clears, please let one of us know and we will mark it as resolved.
Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:47 pm (UTC)
I had meant that I wasn't going to contact a mod to have it removed from the queue. She refunded me just before it was actually posted.
Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:41 pm (UTC)
ugh this girl caused me endless trouble trying to get my character re-design... it's a shame that you have to push so hard to get what you're owed out of her. would never do business with again
Jun. 3rd, 2014 12:04 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got your refund. It's a shame cause her art is beautiful but id never do business with her if she ever opens again.
Jun. 3rd, 2014 08:28 am (UTC)
Dang she has a lot of posts out, and judging from comments she's made a lot of people unhappy for no real reason?
Jun. 3rd, 2014 08:33 am (UTC)
She's scammed a lot of people. Made a lot of promises she hasn't kept, and/or can't keep. All because she didn't follow through on things and let it all pile up. That's the reason.
Jun. 5th, 2014 12:44 am (UTC)
Dear lord... Hope she doesn't pull another Pirate-Cashoo. At least you got your money back, though!

Edited at 2014-06-05 12:44 am (UTC)
Jun. 16th, 2014 07:06 pm (UTC)
She needs to be reported to the feds...
I realize some people are being duped into thinking this is probably just a nice girl who keeps running into problems, but really, it's a con game, and a very good one. It's been done by many people so many times before. Of course she will seem nice when you chat with her...if she were not, the scheme would not work so well.

The fact that she has done this so many times to many people should be throwing up red flags, and an endless barrage of unreal, and unrelated excuses to stall out on delivery is the standard MO for this type of con.

You see, there will always be a small amount of people who " let it go ", and that is where it pays off for her. Some people will give up after a few excuses or fall into the emotional trap she sets out, making you feel bad for her and thinking, " maybe she needs the money real bad, so I will just let it go ". And yes, there are some people who do that, so she wins out. It's the reason why she stalls out so long with so many excuses. She drags it out as far as she can to see if your tether will break.

Make no mistake and do not feel guilty about making this person accountable for what they are doing. She will play on your emotions and make you feel bad even when you are the victim. What she is doing repeatedly is fraud, and when successful, outright theft. The feds really need to be contacted about this or she is just going to continue doing this to others. If she sent a refund by Paypal, then they have her contact info. You need to contact the FBI and let them know what is going on and tell them that Paypal has her info. She needs to be stopped, or I guarantee her con game is only going to get worse. Once people start doing something like this, it becomes like a drug to them. They get a high off of getting one over on people.

Edited at 2014-06-16 07:21 pm (UTC)
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