suzaku_ou (suzaku_ou) wrote in artists_beware,

Question about PayPal chargebacks and any advice on how to deal with them?

Hello, I apologize for all the trouble, but since this teenager went around buying adoptables and commissioning other deviantART artists and ended up:

a) either getting her parents' credit information hacked through PayPal
or b) possibly just getting a credit chargeback through stealing her parents' credit card

which has caused over 30 artists to receive $20 fees on top of chargebacks for whatever amount she "paid" after she received her digital goods. There has also been another commissioner going around with chargebacks because some $100 commissions didn't fit his taste and quality preference after he had received his commissions.

(Both of which is unfair to artists, I'd think.)

I am not one of the artists who got charged back, but I would like to know if there was a way to avoid these bad commissioners that mistreat artists? Some people have suggested Google Wallet because they do cover the sale of digital goods, unlike PayPal, who normally sides with the buyer since there is no proof of delivery with digital goods. Does anyone else know of any other payment options that cover digital goods for artists but is widely-used enough that even international customers can use it...?

I'm afraid of more artists getting scammed by flaky commissioners and would like to share the knowledge if possible. Thank you for your time.
Tags: advice for artists, payment sites

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