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Need an advice about shipping originals

Hello, thank you for your comments on my previous question, they helped me a lot! And I need an advice again. Here is a short story.

In 2010, I found out what ACEOs are, and started collecting cards, trading with many artists. Some people saw my drawings and were interested in commissions too. One girl contacted with me on local furry site, and asked about a commission. I was paid for it, drew it, and then asked her for her mailing address to ship the original of this card. She said she didn't really trust post service, though I usually ship 1st class. She said we may meet sometimes and I give her the card (she's living in a small city near mine).

2010 was my first year in university, and I had more spare time. I contacted her in 2011 or 2012, and she said she did't want the original, she abandoned her fursona and art too. OK... I was pretty upset, because I put much effort in this artwork, and it was one of my popular drawings.
In 2013 I made my art page in social network, and she wrote me PM shortly after this, asking about original - she wanted it again! Though she said she was not interested before.

This year, I organized ACEO trading game on local furry site (I selected random pairs and gave a month to finish a part of trade). And randomly it turned out that she was my partner... She was the only one who didn't draw her part of trade... (I drew mine). She didn't write me anything about getting this card or her commission.

So, here is my question. I don't have ToS yet, but I want to write them soon. Do you specify how long you keep the original art for commissioner, if he/she doesn't provide the address or doesn't communicate with you about shipping? What do you write about originals? And should I keep this card because I waited so long and she didn't even try to get it?

I really don't want feel like I'm hanging in some kind of limbo, waiting for the commissioner to meet me IRL (I'm very busy now, so it's very hard and not comfortable for me) or provide the address. Sometimes I want to keep the picture, or sell the original, and it's uncomfortable for me if commissioner can't decide does he/she wants the picture or not...

P.S. Sorry if there are some Grammar mistakes.
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