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Commissioner Beware: Chocho

WHO: Chocho

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Full body / Full color / Background piece ($100) paid for & charged back.

WHEN: May 3rd to Present * EDIT: May 17th

PROOF: http://puu.sh/8IzSP.png

EXPLAIN: I was contacted by Chocho on May 2nd using my Google Docs form to request a commission. I responded on May 3rd with a request to invoice. They said they currently didn't have access to a desktop, so I sent them my e-mail to send the information to. It is worth noting that the last name of the client and the last name on the account were the same, so I accepted the payment without worrying too much. ***I understand now that this should have been a red flag and I will now enforce/refund any money given to me outside of invoices, no exceptions.***

I had been a bit later than anticipating to respond to them with a sketched piece on May 9th. The next day, they issued me a chargeback and I did not realize until this morning (May 11th).

My Terms of Service outlines that I only issue half-refunds after the sketch is completed, unless the client contacts me with more information. Instead, they simply charged the money back and I was out $112 (as I xfer my funds to Canadian Dollars.) So I spent $12 CAD to give someone a sketch! I refunded the transaction in full, noted my policies in the refund details, and sent them on their way. I know paypal has iffy policies on art-transactions and do not have the patience to argue with them about $50.

I was going to wait a period of time before I sent this beware to get a response, but due to the nature of the transaction, I figured I should submit this as soon as possible. My best guess is that the client may have dishonestly used a family paypal or credit card to issue the funds and the family member issued a chargeback after not recognizing the charge. I do not anticipate being refunded $50, nor do I expect to be contacted again, so this is a general beware that I do not expect to be 'resolved'.

I have updated my Terms of Service and my own personal policies to reflect that I am an invoice-only artist to avoid any future issues such as these. I know this is ultimately my own fault.

Thank you for reading.


Edit May 17th 2014:
Here is my e-mail correspondence with Chocho to try and resolve the issue:
The latest note being sent to me May 12th.

These journals went up on their page in the past few days (language):

The short version is that they bank card was stolen and money was spent on it.
I'm not sure why they linked their college courses as a reason for not having money (if it was stolen).

Tags: beware, comm-chocho
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