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EDIT: The money has been refunded, now I'm just waiting on Paypal to approve the refund, but this has been resolved.

WHO: Isabella-Price of FA, also has an account Costumes-by-Belle

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/isabellaprice/

WHAT: A Balaclava foam base head for a fursuit.

WHEN: Payment was sent on April 5th, with an estimated time of "one to two weeks" As of writing this it is May 16th and I have yet to see a picture. Every time I would ask about the progress the ETA would be moved back, and obviously that deadline would pass every time.

PROOF:Here is an image with all of the emails, including dates, as well as the proof of payment http://sta.sh/023ordupo2v5

EXPLAIN: So in late March I inquired about getting a foam head base from Isabella here, and after a week, payment was arranged with an estimated time of completion at one to two weeks. I did say that I wasn't in a huge rush, but I certainly didn't think it would take any more than a month. Well weeks went by with little contact, and only when I myself initiated. After a few weeks I switched from the FA forums to FA itself to speak with her, and she consistently gave me new completely meaningless deadlines. I made it clear that I was running out of time and specifically said at one point that if it could not be completed within the week that I would need a refund. Of course it was NOT completed in that week even though she said it would be.

It should be noted that after I looked at her journals I noticed she had a very long queue of both digital art and head bases (and I wasn't even listed in them, I might add). Clearly, she had overbooked herself and should have known very well that it would be impossible to finish my base in one to two weeks. The fact that she omitted this truth to me I find to be a bit insidious. I will not reveal their identity but I did seek out another client to ask if they were having similar issues. It turns out they've been waiting for their base since November!

At this point I have opened a paypal dispute to get my money back. I have not gotten any responses from the artist in a few days now but the best thing to make me content would be to just have a quick refund and be on my way.

Though the quality of her bases looks to be well above average, don't commission her if you want your base done anytime this year. It seems very clear to me that this artist is quick to take on too much work (and all the money that comes with it) but is very slow to show anything for it.
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May. 17th, 2014 04:31 am (UTC)
Mod Note
The OP stated this was resolved while this was in the queue. The tag has been updated accordingly.
May. 17th, 2014 05:24 am (UTC)
It sucks she overburdened herself, I really wanted a headbase from her. Promised it would be done in two weeks Dec. 26(?), promised a refund I still haven't gotten two weeks ago. At least it was resolved for you. uvu
May. 17th, 2014 06:07 am (UTC)
Unfortunately there is a long wait with this artist right now, and I believe they occasionally say things are almost done or started when that is not the case. (I know two cases where this occurred to two separate individuals and telling the client that their work was almost done/started was a mistake at best, a lie at worst :/) As well as unrealistic completion dates.

I waited a year+ for art and the only contact I received in all that time was what I initiated, and even then it would be months apart. I was also told work was partially done but saw nothing for many months, and no proof ever of those WIPs. (otherwise I would have asked for refund at that time, I waited because I thought things were started as stated)

I also think that the queue has no work order- it's who ever complains the most loudly or threatens most seriously for a refund at any given time gets worked on next.

HOWEVER I loved the work Isabella Price did for me when I received it; and the artist is very nice when they do contact you; and also seems genuinely apologetic about the mess they are in at the moment.
I realise apologies don't equal completed work or refunds, but at least they are taking this seriously.

So right now I think with the long waits and terrible communication(no, I don't consider FA journals good communication) there may be a few more bewares pop up on them- I almost wrote one myself I have to admit, I was fed up- but things were resolved very quickly once I contacted the artist with firm language and said I was tried of waiting, no contact and being mislead on completion.
That might work for others waiting as well.

However I really hope as soon as the backlog clears up IP can get her business back on track with a better queue system, better work pacing(maybe a price increase so she can make ends meet but not get swamped) and better, more frequent communication.

I would absolutely commission her again if she gets things on track, so I'm really rooting for her as a fan of her work(I don't know her personally).

Edited at 2014-05-17 06:09 am (UTC)
May. 17th, 2014 11:08 pm (UTC)
I have a REALLY bad habit of overestimating myself and judging how long it takes me to actually do work, which leads to me taking on too much and getting overwhelmed. When I take on a few commissions at a time I have no issues. I just don't want people to think I purposely take on a ton of work with no intention to finish it.

This has been an ongoing issue with me and I've been working hard to get my backlog finished so I can start fresh and start limiting myself and getting commissions finished quickly.

When I took your commission I had planned on working through my queue of bases over the course of that week, and adding one more to my list didn't seem like it would impact anything, but I ended up getting overwhelmed and, while I was working on bases, I wasn't working on them quickly.

I was proud of the progress I have been making getting all my backlog commissions done, but clearly I need to step it up and work harder.

I'm sincerely sorry that I wasted your time. It was never intentional and I don't feel good about myself knowing I've disappointed people. I hope Paypal processes the refund quickly and you're able to get an awesome base from another artist.
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