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Odd email, possibly something to watch for

Got this in my inbox today, something a little fishy. I dropped him my commission info, and I'm curious what the responce will be. Has anyone else gotten this, just wanted to make sure it wasn't some mass spammed attempt at free art.

An old man, wandering through an elven forest, crosses your path. He stops
and speaks first. "Greetings adventurer. Your talent is well known across
these lands. Would you lend your skills to my cause? It promises to be
quite an adventure."

You realize that this old man is speaking of your artistic talents. A
compliment, at the least. You see a mysterious tome under his arm and bag
of coins hanging from his belt. Your first inclination is:

a.) Tell the old man to get lost.
b.) Continue to listen to the old man. (Out of respect for his age? You're
bored? You're a good listener?)
c.) "You had me at 'Greetings adventurer.' (Fantasy geek, party of two.)
d.) "You had me at 'It promises to be quite an adventure.' (You are up for
any new adventure.)
e.) "Sounds interesting, I wish I had more time, but. . ." (You'd be
interested if there were suddenly 48, 72 hrs in a day.)
f.) "I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. I was staring at your purse." (A
sucker is born every second.)
g.) "For the right price, I'll do anything." (You are an Art Whore? Or
just a lucrative person?)
h.) "Tell me more. Mind if I take a look at that mysterious tome before we
start." (A curious cat. How many lives do you have left?)
i.) "You've got a lot more of explaining to do before I follow you out of
these woods." (Mom said never to talk to strangers? You don't just join up
with every Don Quixote out there?)
j.) "I don't get it. (You don't get "it".)
k.) Kill the old man for bothering you. (Violent son of a gun. Please
"lose" my e-mail address.)
l.) ........................................

The old man patiently awaits your answser.

This is a Fantasy writer attempting to inquire about commissioning your work
in an original way.

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