Nambroth (nambroth) wrote in artists_beware,

Not a beware-- seeking "Gryphon"

Hello all! This is NOT a beware, I am simply seeking a client that I have been unable to get in touch with.

WHO: I am looking for someone that goes by, simply, "Gryphon", gryphon_2 (NOT "2" the ranting gryphon), or "Gryfalcon" on Furaffinity.

EXPLANATION: At Anthcocon 2013 a fellow with a camera commissioned me for a digital badge. He gave me a long written character sheet but requested that I not begin until he updated his online character sheet, on his Furaffinity page. He even wrote on my commission form: "Sheet to be updated on FA in 1 week." But, sadly, it was never updated, nor has he responded to my emails, notes, or "shouts". He paid in person so I can not simply send a Paypal refund as I normally would in the case of an "abandoned" commission.
Normally, I have a statement in my TOS that says that commissions that are abandoned for longer than 6 months with no contact are non-refundable as long as I put in an effort to contact the client several times by any means I have. I've never had to worry about this but have the statement in my TOS just in case, because it makes my life much easier when it comes to taxes (plus I hate holding funds 'in reserve' indefinitely until I know a client is happy!). But, this commission was taken in person and my TOS was very simplified on my commission form (which I have my customers fill out when they commission me at a convention-- it's short and sweet). I don't think it's at all fair to hold him to my long TOS since he likely doesn't know about it!

All I am left to do is to try to contact this fellow. I sort of get the feeling that maybe this is an ongoing theme, considering he has had a post on A_B before (for the same reason), and I see many shouts on his FA page to the same tune. I did think it odd that at Anthrocon last year he asked me if he had commissioned me the year prior (2012- he hadn't, I remember having very few commissions that year and also double checked my records).

This is his Furaffinity page:

Any insights or thoughts? Anyone know how to get in touch with him? My emails to him don't bounce. They just never get replied to. I have tried sending from different email addresses in case they are getting put into his spam folder, but that hasn't worked either. I do not have his physical mailing address, unfortunately, since it was a digital commission.

At this point I would prefer to give him a refund. I fear I might not have time to properly dedicate to his commission-- I had budgeted time to work on all of my commissions from Anthrocon before last November, and obviously that time has passed... :(

Thank you!!
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