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Advice please?

Hello everyone I has this issue which has been bothering me for a year. My friend and I work on commissions together and there was this customer who wanted a reference sheet from us. What he asked for was extremely complicated and detailed but thankfully it was completed to his liking. The customer made an agreement with us to not post it, since it was supposed to be a surprise and he would tell us when to post it.

Months flew by and there was seriously no word from him at all, I decided to ask my friends for opinions if my friend could post the old commission into the gallery because as an artist my friend has the right to post despite the agreement made (which that what was told to me). So after my friend posted the reference sheet the customer leaves a shout asking my friend to answer his notes. The guy was clearly upset and mentioned our agreement along with the fact he fears his character idea might get stolen (which is impossible since it has his name on it), so my friend took the image down and we all agreed that we get updated from him which he said he will. Of course our conversation was 3 months ago with no updates at all.

We honestly do not know what to do, like can my friend note him every once in a while or will that upset the guy?

UPDATE: So I sent him a note and got replied with this

AHHH yes, I am very sorry that Yoü have had to go through this pain and having to wait. I sincerely apologize and I hope Yoü are doing well for this year. My suit has been accepted by OneFurAll and will be made soon hopefully. If Yoü could please not post it yet it would be lovely. I would like to know though if Yoü have got your business cards ready so once I receive the suit I can hand your card out.

D: Well I never mentioned a business card and surprisingly his suit is going to be made by OFA which holy crap I didn't think they would accept such a task. So yeah I'm glad he was very apologetic for his lack of updates and such.

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