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Advice needed

Hello again A_B
I seem to need some advice in how to word something to a customer, and the lovely people here always seem to have something for that.

My issue;

I don't do commissions through skype - but I do have a FA skype profile for friendly chit-chat and people I meet online. The person I have a problem with added me on skype and we have been friends for a good while both on and offline, he have received some free art via raffles from me in the past, but have never paid for something before - now he have decided that he want to commission me. However when I asked him to write it up neatly in a form and e-mail it to me, he said he would do that but wanted to first "bounce some ideas" for the piece. I am not comfortable with this at all, since it clearly says in my ToS I do not do or discuss commissions via IM's. When I told him this he replied with that it was just for him to get a clearer idea of what he wanted to commission so there wouldn't be 20+ e-mails back and forth.

How do I say I do not want him to bounce his ideas off me in a polite manner? there have come up details that is very important to the image via skype, and my response have always been "then add it to the form" - what I fear is that he will not write up some of the things in the e-mail, and then get mad if I do not include it in the piece since he have mentioned it over IM.

It's getting a bit tedious hearing all the ideas, and getting sent refs, for something that is not even paid for yet - it almost feels like he wants something done for free this time too. (he asked me to design a logo for free earlier - I simply ignored this note)

I want to be his friend, I have no issues with him as a person. I don't however, do great with long texts when it comes to commissions, and I have a hard time making him understand the difference between friendship and business.

Thanks in advance for any advice ^^
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