Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in artists_beware,
Princess ♔

BEWARE : Zealot_Elite


WHEN: April 22nd, 2014

WHAT: Bidder backed out of a YCH because they were outbid in one of the spots they bid on.


EXPLAIN: I posted this YCH on April 21st, 2014. (It's nsfw) And Zealot_Elite bid on both spots and was currently leading on both until they were outbid. (They put down $33 on Spot A and $33 on Spot B, but were outbid when Spot B got to $40) Once they were outbid they left me a comment, as you can see in the Proof section, saying that they wanted to have both spots but because they were outbid in one of the spots they'd rather back out and that the runner-up have the spot instead.

In my rules as you can see I have written that you ARE NOT allowed to back out of bids. But they tried to twist my following rule, the "If the winner doesn't pay I will either ask the runner up if they are interested or repost the auction." to benefit them saying that that rule allowed them not to pay. That rule is in place for when a person fake bids and end up winning, and when I contact them they never reply because they never intended to pay in the first place. In that instance I do ask the runner up if they want to pay for it or I will repost if they don't want to. (Because I give no obligation to the runner-ups to pay, I only ask them if they would like to and are allowed to say no.)

So in the end they preferred to be blocked than to pay. I am posting this Beware just so people will be aware of this person just in case they pull something like this on another artist.
Tags: beware, comm-zealotelite
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