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Cleaning up...

As the title say, I'm working on cleaning up...

Back when I started doing commissions I was a HORRIBLE person to commission (heck as of now I feel I STILL am, thus I keep my commission status as closed aside from very rare occassions). I'm working on trying to clean my act up though. I have commissions that have been going for well over a year, most of them I've completely fallen out of touch with the commissioners and their e-mail addresses only return mailer daemons when I e-mail them. I'm posting here in hopes that someonen's familar with and can point me in the direction to find them.

The first person went by the name of Kit Silva. His main avatard is/was a foxtaur todd that wore a bluejeans (I remember seeing refs of him that he showed me from VCL and the jeans were like a suit for the lower torso). He had commissioned me for a two character colored pencil peice. I honestly can't remember the price of it but I'm sure it was around $20-$30. The e-mail addy he mails me from gives me mailer daemons when i try to mail him and I never see him on his screen name in AIM. We used to talk all the time, since his e-mail stopped working I hadn't seen him around at all.

The second person, I did a colored pencil peice somewhere around $25-$25. All I have is an envelope with his name on it as he paid me via check. All I'm illing to say is that his name is Kyle and he's from Illinois. The picture I did for him was for a six legged furry dragon and a feral fox couple. the e-mail he originally e-mailed me from is giving me. I never had an AIM contact for him and it was all strictly e-mail relate.

I want to get in contact with these people and see what I can do to work something out and try and slowly but surely clear up my reputation as a commissioned artist. Any help that anyone can give me would be very much appreciated. It'll be nice to get this weight off my shoulders.

Thank you in advance.

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