mochacorgi (mochacorgi) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: Is it okay to ask someone not to repost a commission?

As a bit of back story, I canceled a fursuit commission due to their SO Attacking me and harassing me because she assumed I was "Stealing her man" (I am married, and was married at the time as well)

However I did not have the money to refund him in full right then, so I sent him the supplies I ordered along with a receipt containing the cost of Mats, plus the remainder sum I owe him.

After discussing with him a plan of refund, he offered to take two art pieces to lower the sum, as I am going through financial stress.

However, the subject material he requested is.. awful. It makes me queasy, but when I politely told him I do not draw such, I received a "Do you have my money then??" so I reluctantly agreed.

Is it alright for me to ask him once completed to not post it? I'm not going to myself, but in the end it's their characters and my situation with them puts me at a downside on this.


I've decided to Not even stress myself with the Subject matter and to refund them in payments instead.
They've already caused grief enough for me, and i really don't want to be known for the material they requested

Thanks guys


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