nijipie (adzuki) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice on how to proceed

The advice I need is on a sketchbook commission I have had for over a year that I need help on as far as how to proceed. The reason for this commission having taken so long is waiting for feedback, waiting for payment, a big move, and edits.

I am currently tackling older commissions and I am hung up on this one. The individual's ref sheet is difficult to understand and they stress the importance of their character's markings, which I understand..however it is hard to interperet with the reference given. I am almost done with the sketchbook, every page is filled and I am just have some inking and coloring of a few pages to do, but I get extremely anxious because every time I give a work in progress something is wrong with the markings of the character in question and each time it takes 4-5 edits everytime that character is in the picture.

They like everything else, but I feel like they are just going to be disappointed every time I try to render their character and I cant justify the amount of edits going into the sketchbook.

I dont know what I should do. Press on, or do what work I can and refund them for unfinished work?
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