lovelesskiax (lovelesskiax) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice with Logos

Hi guys! I'd like a little advice here as I'm not finding much online and this is my first time going about this.
One of my mom's friends is interested in hiring me to design a logo for her business. So far I have discussed an hourly rate for my work, how the process will go, and what she will receive.
What I'm in the dark about is how the copyright process works with a logo? Since I'm making it for her business specifically, should I include copyright fees and rights in the final price or should it be a completely different process? Should I also worry about getting an official contract signed up for this?
Any advice appreciated!

edit: more questions, sorry!
-do i have to get a contract written up by a lawyer, or is it still legally binding if i write one myself?
-what should the copyright fees for a logo be? do i choose it myself, or is there an average price for logos?

thanks again!
Tags: advice for artists, contracts, copyright


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