songstressfox (songstressfox) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice Please?

Hi A_B,

I've been sort of lurking the community for a while, and this is my first post here. I'm not trying to make a beware, or anything, just get some advice on a commission!

I commissioned an artist in September of last year for five pieces - four sketches and one colored piece. I'd worked with the artist before, though entirely on sketches, and I'd seen her complete a lot of commissions in my time watching her, so I felt completely comfortable doing this. I've received all the sketches and a WIP on the colored piece, and I am very satisfied with what I have so far! However, the colored piece still isn't finished, and while I am listed on her public commission list, she's sort of dropped off on activity and hasn't yet read a note I sent her in February (despite having been online and uploading things.) I'm wondering if it got lost in her inbox, since based on her list she gets quite a lot of commission inquiries? Mine might have been bumped to a second page, or something --- in case it's unclear I am perhaps too willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. :C

I'd really just like advice on what to do -- I don't particularly want a refund, I'd rather have the art; should I send another note or just keep waiting?
Tags: advice for commissioners


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