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Gunmouth Aka Cownugget

Edit 1: I have sent him messages through FA to inform him of this post.
Edit 2: He and I are talking it over.
Edit 3: Paypal screenshot as requested. I censored lots of sensitive stuff, but you can see the dates are close with my other screenshots.
Edit 4: Gunmouth and I worked out an agreement, and he was super cool about the whole situation.

WHO: GunMouth Aka Cownugget


WHAT: digital art set

WHEN: March 12th, 2013

PROOF: Probably best to read it in the explanation.


I would like to start off by saying how sorry I am it has come to this. I know Cownugget/Gunmouth has his own problems, but this is one of mine, so I am dealing with it.

So this all started last year back in March, specifically on March 12. I contacted GunMouth through furaffinity to tell him that I loved his art, as well as see if he had time and want to take a commission. He told me he could Squeeze me in, as seen here.

March 12th is the official date in which I sent him 50$, which was a single image commission , and that is the point where I consider him commissioned to draw art. Later in the day, he did send me a sketch of the image I had asked for as a preview. I am going to try to avoid getting too detail heavy to avoid explaining fetishistic things. So having seen his art, specifically from someone that really knew what they are doing, I got excited, and wondered if perhaps I could have my idea extended on to multiple images. This means that I was going to send him more money after the initial payment of 50$ in order to get more content. This turned out to be where the bulk of my issue is, because I later sent him an additional 60$ on top of the previously sent 50$, bringing the total to 110$ of the discussed 170$.

Here are some screenshots of our exact conversation:

Since then I have tried: A) Sending him the rest of the money, but he refuses it because he does not want to take it until he has time. Fair enough, but why did he take it in the first place then?
B) Tried to get a refund, but he merely read my message and then ignored it, as well as my attempts to talk to him through other means.
C) I've tried to contact him in order to talk it over (plus he is a pretty nice guy, so talking to him is usually fun) but I guess because I never got my commission completed, it means that I have the plague and should be avoided at all times. Really unprofessional and disappointing.

Here are some screencaps of notes that were never opened, or never replied to.

Now, I would be a liar if I said he never replied. Because whenever I talked about anything except money or the commission, he usually replied if he opened the note.

I feel it is also important to mention that I've since commissioned him an additional three times during his livestream event. So this is some quick advice, that if you want art from him, buy it during a livestream, because you will know it is going to be done.

You also might be aware that GunMouth aka Cownugget has also since posted a journal to FA claiming to have done this to so many people he probably does not have an accurate count, and that he would like to issue refunds as well as art as needed. I've since gotten one reply from him, heavily implying that he did not even read my message and more or less used it as a checklist for himself. As if I were not important enough to be an immediate concern. I don't know what I did to him, but I am avoided like shit on a pancake now to him. Take a look yourself.

His reply acts as if I had asked for a refund, and it's almost like he did not even read the message. I am rather annoyed by this, but I stand by what I said. At this point I had sent him two reminders on what my commission was, let alone how much I had sent him. Both commission summary messages went unread, even to this day. I don't think you should commission Gunmouth AKA Cownugget without knowing what you are getting into. He is a really nice and cool guy, his art is amazing and he has great input. This bothers me in more ways than one, because I hate bringing a guy that is so chill down because he has terrible communication skills and could not hold a promise to save his life, but that is the case here. I don't want a refund, and I don't want the commission completed. I am too tired from this constant arthunt and I just want closure.

On Feb 11th 2014, I sent him messages to both of his accounts warning him that I was going to be posting this message to here. He never responded nor opened them. I've never had this problem with any other artist. I've even got other commissions going on that have been just as long, but at least those artists inform me of what is going on with it, and reply to emails and messages. Here are some screencaps of that note I sent him.

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