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How can I create interest in my art? Please help!

Hello all, I was wondering if I could get a bit of advice on drumming up commissions, or anything else that you think might help.

Basically, I've had a personal art website up for a couple months now, and my art's been on Elfwood for years as well. And I just can't seem to get any interest in my art. :/ I have had a few commissions with friends and people I know personally in the past, and I have sold a few small, cheap ink pictures on Furbid (I'm Fen :P), so I know at least SOME people like my art -- but as for the online world as a whole, the fish aren't biting. I'm no newb to art (at least I don't consider myself one), moreso to the online commission community at large. I don't know if the problem is if my asking prices are too high, or if my website doesn't seem professional enough, or if my style isn't "commercially friendly"... I'd really appreciate any advice anyone could give me, feel free to be harsh as necessary. I can take it!

My website is here. My prices and info for (hypothetical) commissions are on this page. (Tad long, prices are at the bottom if you just want to skim.)

Also, I simply must say hello to Chell. ;) Thanks again guys, ANY help is welcome!

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