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Beware Malevolent-Decadence

Who - Malevolent-Decadence on Deviantart

Where -


What - When I first started commissioning this artist they seemed very nice and though they did take a little bit to finish my commissions they were always very pleasant and always replied to my messages. It started the end of Sept when I paid 55 dollars for two custom adoptables and one ref sheet for a character that belonged to a friend of mine. All three commissions were gifts and I told the artist this when I ordered. While I know the end of the year happens to be a busy time for artist I didn't think anything of it after I paid and waited. She finished the first adoptable and then gave me a sketch for the second. I then got a message around Dec that she was finishing off a real life painting for someone and right after she would start on the ref-sheet. Her quote was "I should be back on board with your art this coming week. Again, I apologize for the slowness." Alright, I totally understand that. Well December passed and she doesn't message me at all in Jan. I finally contact her near the end of Jan to early Feb and the only reply I get from me asking if she was going to finish my commissions was a "yes". No explanation why she disappeared or didn't tell me what was going on.

When - 9/28/13 - On-going

Proof - Proof One - Me asking about commissions

Proof Two - More Asking

Proof Three - Ordering Commission

Proof Four - More ordering

Proof Five - She explains why she is taking so long

Proof Six - Date she sent the message

Proof Seven - Last reply I got from her.

Proof Eight - Two messages I sent. No reply to either.

Proof Nine - As of March 30th she has been four weeks away from DA.

Proof Ten - Payment date and amount

Proof Eleven - Emails to artist. No replies.

Explain - I sent a few more messages which she read but did not reply to. It says on DA she hasn't been on in 4 weeks so I know she got my last message but no reply. I finally contacted her through email last week and told her if I didn't get the refund or art I will contact artist beware. Since then, nothing. No message from her. No refund. No art. I am very disappointed and hurt that I have been ignored when all I have been is pleasant toward her. While I did not really wish to do this I was told by a few people to post on Artist Beware in order to keep others from getting scammed. Hopefully someday she will learn, but for now I will never commission her again.

Current Mood - Disappointed, irritated and downright sad.

Update - 4/27/2014

The artist has since contacted me and apologize for not having messaged me. So far we have resolved this and the artist is finishing up the commissions she now owes me. While this was a slight bump in the road I will continue to commission this artist. Other then this little hiccup she has been very sweet and amazing to commission.
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