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WHO: BooPeep on FurAffinity (also macaron and cupcakesheep on FA)


WHAT: Traditional art piece.

WHEN: Initial contact, conversation/agreement, and transaction on February 27, 2013; inquiry by me and response/extra art offer on August 15, 2013; contact by me requesting solid timeframe of one more month on January 19, 2014; response, image of free art, and last personal contact on January 20, 2014; journal post by artist on March 5, 2014. Overall, roughly one year and one month to date.

PROOF: Commission journal -
Emails -
Invoice -
Payment receipt email from PayPal-
PayPal record -
Journal update -
Free art -
Note: I left their email unedited in the journal screenshots because they have it posted freely on their FA page, but I did block it out or partially block it out in other screenshots.

EXPLAIN: All of our contact has been over email. I asked about a commission in February of last year, and the details were agreed to by both the artist and myself. I paid up front. I asked about the art in August of last year, wondering if I had missed seeing an email or missed seeing it posted somewhere (though I was not upset about the timeframe whatsoever). The artist apologized for being slow and offered free art in addition. I asked about the commission again in January of this year, asking for it to be done at the end of February so that the timeframe would have been a year (I wanted to suggest a solid date because I hadn't gotten word from them at any point unless I messaged them first). The artist messaged the next day in agreement and showed me the free art (which is lovely), but I have not heard from them since. The artist did post a journal on FA in early March saying that life was getting in the way of their deadlines, but did not contact me after the agreed date passed by. The artist has kept a presence up online consistently throughout this time period, including taking new commissions and posting completed work.

Note: to be clear, the artwork that BooPeep has sent me an image of is the free artwork offered in August, not the original two-character piece agreed to that I paid for. I have also not received either piece in person.

I probably should I have asked about the status more often, but I don't like to pressure people I commission and have not had an issue before even when I have had lengthy waits. I would expect the artist to update me when they are ready, rather than for me to nag and make a nuisance of myself.  Still, I grant that it might have been worth asking more than twice. I also realize I should have been more firm, and that I should probably not have accepted the extra art in August (though again, I was not upset at the time).

Honestly, I don't care one bit how long a commission takes, and would have agreed to wait far longer if the artist had been up front with me or had contacted me at all. If I had received an email or note that said something like, "Hey, I'm sorry but I'm stressed and can't do this, can we work something out?" I'd be all for that, or even just a friendly, "I'm sorry I haven't contacted you!" I'd be forgiving.
What is bothering me here is not the lack of art or loss of money, but the lack of proactive communication on BooPeep's part. I would just like to be updated personally - not have to fish for updates, not be vaguely hinted about in a journal I might not have seen. I am also very disheartened that they seem so ready to message me as long as I contact them first.

To reiterate, this is about poor communication, not about time and lack of artwork/lack of refund.

Edit: BooPeep has emailed me regarding a refund.
Edit 2: I have received a refund
I have removed BooPeep's Tumblr accounts/extra FA accounts from the post (as requested by the artist); I included them originally and should not have as they are not business-related. I apologize for including them in the first place.
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