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beware - tooth.

WHO: tooth. on FurAffinity.


WHAT: A character auction I held in which she placed a 30$ bid. A couple hours later she posted a journal asking for a 50$ donation to pay for a vet visit and medicine. Upon seeing this I felt very uncomfortable with the fact that she was bidding in my auction with a sick pet she can't afford to take care of- but I let it go, hoping that she'd get the medicine for her dog, and then come to her senses and realize that if she can't pay for her dog's medicine she can't drop 30+ bucks on a character either. Instead, someone outbid, and she bid again- this time 45$. And although someone did indeed donate the money for her dog, it still struck me as odd that'd she'd be willing to put down almost 50 bucks in an auction when a day or two before that's exactly what she didn't have. I had seen her paying for other art and adoptables too around the same time, so in general I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing.

I came here for advice, and the general consensus was that I should cancel the auction or retract her bids. I did the latter. On her journal asking for donations, I commented to let her know I would be retracting her bids:

"Hey tooth- Thank you for your interest in my auction, however, given this journal about your dog needing veterinary care, I cannot in good conscience accept your bids in my auction- sorry. I hope he gets better soon!"
She responded saying that she had already taken care of the dog situation "but okay", and I thought the whole situation was over and done with.
It wasn't.
A minute later I got a very defensive note in my inbox from her which I had intended to respond to...until I saw her bid in my auction again, disregarding the fact that I had asked her not to. At that point, I hid her comment(again), and blocked her.

WHEN: 2/23/14 - 3/18/14

Emergency commissions for her dog, along with my comment(which she later hid) and her response.
Her bidding again, and my response prior to hiding it and blocking her.
A follow-up to her Very Tasteful Journal

EXPLAIN: This person has rubbed me the wrong way for quite a while. She is infamous for begging for money on FA, while dropping money left and right on adoptables and art and owing people art in the meantime. Her business practices are seedy and her attitude is very immature and unprofessional.

In short, even if she did have things "figured out", even if she is getting money in a few days- I do not want to do business with someone who puts buying art for herself before refunding commissioners to which she always owes work/money/etc.

I wrote this beware sometime that week, but withdrew it because I wanted to let it go. Someone did end up buying Dander, earning a colored sketch along with it because the auction went past 50$, and it was over.

About three weeks later, I was linked to this submission of tooth's brand new character...Dander.
Apparently, the user who won my auction had traded Dander to her in exchange for art(even though she still owed art to many folks already), and to be honest, I feel disrespected on many different levels. I feel like in the end it wouldn't have mattered if I let tooth buy this character, it wouldn't matter if I hadn't blocked her. She got her way anyway, and my art, along with a character she knew I didn't want her to have is now sitting in her gallery.

The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, really. I don't want Dander back. What I do want, is to let other people know what kind of person Tooth is so they don't have to go through the same thing, because at this point, I feel drained and taken advantage of.
I would advise strongly against giving her your money, your pity, or your business until she learns how to get her priorities straight and handle things like a mature adult.

EDIT 7/15/14 -- I realize this entry was 4 months ago and that this edit may not be all that relevant, but I'd just like to point out real quick that since Dander has been posted to her gallery I have not seen one scrap of evidence that there is actually a "trade" happening here. Not one picture for the person in question, and no mention of it ever again after that- so, at this point I have reason to believe they really just gave it to her. Oh well!
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