Dog Girls On Drugs (dutchtoast) wrote in artists_beware,
Dog Girls On Drugs

Lost Contact: xsugarpill

Has anyone heard from this artist recently? In February of 2013 I commissioned them on FurAffinity for a $30 traditional bust picture, the artist specifically was Saturnine, since there are two artists sharing the account. I paid for it and they let me know that there would be a bit of a wait before they got to mine because they had a long list of commissions, and in June of 2013 they posted a journal about having laptops and hadn't posted anything publicly on their account since then. I sent them a message in November of 2013 to see if they were still online/checking messages or anything and they actually replied saying they were still not able to get on a computer still and were checking on mobile and I haven't heard from them since them. I know a lot of other people on FA had commissioned them and are probably still waiting, I was curious if anyone else had any contact with them and had any idea what was up/when they might be back/if they're posting anywhere else on the internet.

Tags: artist-xsugarpill, lost contact

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