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Otterman89 / Bradley

WHO: Otterman89, Bradley


WHAT: NSFW Digital Art

WHEN: Order received Feb. 9th, 2013. Product finished March 4. Payment received April 13th.

EXPLAINATION AND PROOF: On Feb. 9th, 2013, I was contacted by Otterman89 via note asking if I would do a NSFW picture of him and a character having sex. I responded, telling him I was not open for requests, but if he was asking about a commission, I might consider taking it. At this time I also explained that it may take me longer than normal (a couple weeks) to finish the piece, as my tablet was not working at the time, and giving him a link to my adult art account for viewing what I had done that was NSFW. We went back and forth, narrowing out details and such, as seen here:
After details were decided on, he ended up asking to see WIPs along the way. I sent the sketch and received an okay, after which I did not receive any response on the next WIPs sent. (WIPs messages:
The final drawing was finished on March 4 and posted to my alternate account. He read my initial note (as FurAffinity's system tells you if a note's been opened) and left a shout on his page before contacting him again. I began to become paranoid that he was just going to save it to his computer and post it on his account without paying. (He may or may not have done just that at first, I don't remember and it's taken down now.) (proof: I sent more notes and left more comments until I finally received a response on April 10th (over a month after completion) with a sob story about how life was hard for him (tw: brief mention of suicidal thoughts). I was peeved about not getting a response for so long, and for him trying to make me feel bad for him, especially since I'd had my own stress but still held up my end of the bargain. I told him so and that I was peeved at being ignored, and he told me that he wasn't ignoring me (despite ignoring multiple notes/comments) and he'd have the payment on Friday. (Conversation:
He asked me an unrelated question on Saturday (the day after I was supposed to be paid) and I had to remind him to pay me as well as give out my paypal for a third time:

Overall, it took over a month to receive payment for work already completed. I would not recommend him as a commissionee, and caution working with him unless you're willing to fight just to get paid.
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