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WHO: HinaUchi/YipTrip/Digitt/MilkyFoxWhiskers/Samm

(Alternate accounts: (deactivated)

WHAT: Tanned Rabbit Pelt

WHEN: March 20, 2013 - now

PROOF/EXPLAIN: On March 20th, 2013, Samm (under her side account "MilkyFoxWhiskers") on deviantart. I then (under my old username "Muffins-Weasley") commented about getting the rabbit fur if it was still available (link to deviation and comment: | if it gets deleted:
). I paid the $35 plus $1.60 in shipping on that same day (Proof of paypal transaction:
). We stayed in communication for a few days, before it dropped off as I waited for my pelt (Conversation with Samm for those couple days here:
). About two and a half months later on June 3, I contacted her again, inquiring about the status of my pelt, and asking, if it was not sent, if she could hold onto it for me, because I was in the process of securing an apartment. She agreed to hold it, however, she was needing to gain funds to ship it. (
) I heard nor sought contact with her until July (due to my own moving), and then proceeded to send her a message on my new account explaining I had move accounts and now had a stable address on July 3 (
). She proceeded to send a message (to my old account that I had retired and no longer visited by then) on July 23, 2013, stating that her husband's cat had eaten the ear on the pelt, and offered a similar pelt, offering to make it mountable. (Remember: I was no longer using the account she sent this message to, and I had sent my original "I moved accounts" message to her MAIN account, so there's no reason she didn't know.) (Her offer:
) I did not seek nor hear from her until I decided to note her when she requested to be filled in on things she owed people sometime in January (journal unable to be located - Samm has deactivated her account). I sent her a message January 1, 2014. She responded, saying that my pelt was now "completely devoured," and offering another pelt, claiming "we do have a few more rabbits in the freezer skinned or frozen whole we need to tan, so if you're willing to wait a bit longer we can have that to you in a couple weeks, or if you want I can exchange it for some art for you." Knowing how long people have waited on art from her (and not having any proper references at the moment), I agreed to wait. (Here is the message chain:
) It's now been over a month, with no pelt photos posted from her, nor any contact, and she has now deactivated her main account. My total wait time has been almost a year.
Tags: artist-hinauchi/digitt, beware

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