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Advice- Asking for hard copy of commission

Hello, everyone! This is completely my first time submitting a post here, so hopefully this is okay.

So on Saturday, March 15th, I was attending an anime convention and a friend of mine had bought a rather inexpensive commission of a sketch of her original character. I really liked the look, so I found the artist in the Vendor Room and bought one myself. We hashed out the details, and the artist asked me if it was okay if she e-mailed the finish product to me. I was a little disappointed, but she said she was backed up and wouldn't be able to finish it before the end of the con, so I agreed.

At this point in time, I haven't received the finished product yet, but my question is would it be appropriate for me to ask for the hard copy despite her e-mailing me a scan? I did agree to having it e-mailed, but the commissions were pencil sketches, and I feel like the quality would just not be the same if I printed it off. Plus there's just something about having the finished product in your hand. I would normally not ask this, but anyone whose work was finished before the end of the con received the hard copy, so I was just curious. Let me know what you think!

Edit 3.25.14: Thank you for all the advice, guys! I sent the artist a note and got this as a response: "No problem! Unfortunately you are close to the bottom of the list so I haven't gotten to your commission just yet! I'm sorry if it is taking a while. And sending a hard copy would be no problem at all! I already have envelopes to send them in, I just need like.. $2 - $3 for the postage. I'll also draw it on some better, thicker paper so it endures the mailing process easier. :)" So everything worked out! <3


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