Nakoo (nakoothetauren) wrote in artists_beware,

Question: How do YOU go about commissions?

I've seen lots of advice posts but none really about this.
Would any one care to go through there commission process? From start to finish? maybe examples with hick ups as well?

I ask because I feel like I am going wrong some where with how I am working on commissions, and I have found it hard to tell exactly how other artists go through the process. I feel like I am putting to much on my plate but I don't understand how peoples lists/queues/ect work?

I'll give an example of commissions for my self. Maybe people can offer some pointers?
Sketch to Full colour commission timeline for me:

1) Receive Commissions inquiry,
2) Respond to inquiry,
3) Get details and offer 2-3 Thumbnails of image and ask for half or full payment,
4) Receive payment and which thumb nail they would like me to work on,
5) acknowledge there response, respond in a short while (1-5 days) with a rough sketch,
6) Hear back about changes/things I got wrong, then make those changes and respond with in 7 days,
7) Once rough sketch is approved offer refined sketch for final changes,
8) Make changes and respond with in 7 days,
9) Start line work and update when ever progress is made, may be more than 1 email a day,
10) Check for changes to be made to line work and once approval is given begun flat colour with in a few days,
11) Show flat colour finished and ask if there are any changes needed,
12) Make changes and complete first shading pass,
13) Send progress and ask if there are any changes to be made, if not complete second pass of shading,
14) Send progress and ask if there are any changes, complete/add finishing touches to image/make any changes,
15) Request final half of payment(If required)
16) send final image and as for final changes or details.

This process is taking me ages. Weather its waiting on a response from a commissioner to working on more than one image at a time. It seems like it just takes to long. I offer an other type of commissions in which I only offer one sketch and one shading pass. But even these are starting to take way to long. Really it makes me wonder if it is just me holding my self back and caring to much for the commissioner to be happy? I don't feel like I have a reliable way of keeping a queue with out taking payment upon someones register of interest. As in the past if I add someone to a queue with out taking payment at the time but say, 2-4 days later they have lost interest in getting the image.
Any pointers really would be help full. I've worked on commissions for about 5 years now and have had only one real hick up. But at the same time I worry that it could happen again.

Also, sorry if this is a weird topic. It was just something I had been thinking about a bit.
Tags: advice for artists, discussion
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