Miharu (miharuokami) wrote in artists_beware,

WHO: Amanda Ford on Facebook, Calypsnight

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/calypsonight/

WHAT: She was selling Fur and I bought some

WHEN: Purchased July 8, 2013


EXPLAIN: I bought fur from Amanda and made the dumb mistake of asking her told hold the fur for me until I moved. My previous address had a spiteful landlord that would go through our things and start stuff because I had extra money to spend after giving them rent. I wanted to avoid this by having Amanda send my stuff to my new address when I moved. I could have bought fur online but I wanted what she had because I didn't need full yards, only pieces which is why I bought so early to make sure I got the fur.

Things started off great. She was friendly, decent respond times and she even had the label printed the same day. Though when it came time for her to ship to me she became distant and hard to reach. I tired to be patient and give her space but its very clear she isn't coming back. Took it up with paypal and they gave me a credit so money is no longer the concern. Its just the principle of the matter. I was promised a refund as well as the fur, which I didn't get.

Lessons were learned. I now know to never do a transaction that takes longer than the 45 day dispute time and it really pays to be a top seller on Ebay. Do yourself a favor and get on Paypal's good side. They will have your back like they did mine.
Tags: artist-calypsonight/amanda ford, beware

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