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Beware-- Roxanna aka Pixen_Vixen

WHO: Roxanna aka Pixen_Vixen


WHAT: A two piece image set that cost me 20$, in digital art form

WHEN: I sent her the money March 9th, 2013

PROOF: Here is the image where she agreed to it, and gave me her paypal. I blanked out the commission details as well as her email.

EXPLAIN: I saw this artist while browsing FA and decided I could commission her because I liked her art, and she was struggling with things at the time. So I sent her 20$ (I was not the only one, as she was having a "sale") and I waited and waited and waited. I did not contact her clear until April. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

So it's been roughly a year now and she must have long since forgotten about me, because I have since seen no notes from her. I never saw anyone else get their art either, with one exception I think. I am also not in her commissions list either, and she continues to push everything off because she has issues. Well, we all have issues, and I can be caring and understanding until I think I am being cheated. I think she uses her mood swings to excuse herself from doing work she was paid for. I don't expect to get the art from her now, but I want to warn people not to commission her.

Current Mood: satisfied

Edit: I contacted her three most used accounts I think.
Edit 2: Currently talking things over with the artist.
Edit 3: The artist and I have worked out our problems and I have gotten my refund.
Tags: artist-eraviadragonfly/roxanna/pixen_vix, beware, resolved

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