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Question - contact before payment

Hi there, A_B! I've recently started selling my comic book via mail and while things have gone very smoothly so far, there's one situation that has me questioning as to what is the correct approach to it.

To put it short, what do you do in a situation where someone has ordered a product from you but when it comes the time to pay, they don't and wont' answer to e-mails either (and there's no other way to contact them)? Is it okay to just drop it and leave it for the customer to get back in contact - if they even do - or should you first try to make sure your e-mails haven't been eaten by junk mail filters or some other black hole of the cyberspace?

I've had this happen a couple times now and while it hasn't caused any real issues, it does put me in that uncomfortable place where I just don't know how to properly handle the situation. Mainly because I'd hate to think the customer thinks I'm ignoring them or being unjustifiably slow with handling their order when there's just a technological hiccup preventing contact. But then again, I don't think it's all that polite to bombard them with an e-mail after e-mail to see what's up when no money has changed hands yet. They could've just decided they don't want the product after all, for all I know. I can understand sending one e-mail when the payment's due date comes asking if they're still going to buy, but if that goes unanswered as well I'm not sure how to proceed.

I'd like to hear your thoughts! Granted it's a very minor issue but I like to keep my customers happy and I'm not sure how to do that in a situation like this. :3
(Apologies if my English is funny - I'm not native.)
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