Koze (lichdog) wrote in artists_beware,

Question: Rush orders

Hi! I have a question about shipping and stuff.

A commissioner wanted me to do a badge last minute for a con he's going to. He asked me if I could have it at his doorstep by the 7th for a con. I did the work per specification and had it sent out on the 3rd since I'm a full time college student, work a part time job and am in the process of moving. He asked me about daily on updates (which I didn't mind. I always sent him photos of his badge from sketch to ink to color). He was incredibly happy and right before work yesterday I sent it out.

The post office told me shipping to Ontario would take about a week. I asked about any expedited services and they'd be about $44. Adding a tracking number woulda been like $24 and I was like HRRRG, SHIT. So now I'm worried it won't get there in time.

Should I issue a partial refund if it doesn't? 
Tags: advice for artists
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