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artist beware-tooth., dayy, sai-moonmist [my side has been resolved]

WHO: Sai-moonmist, tooth., dayy.


WHAT: Fursuit parts, art, refund

WHEN: about 5 months ago [it is now feb 2014] I commissioned this artist to help them start up a fursuit making buisness. They were super friendly and helpfull to start with, but soon changed.
We bought fur from Sugar Factory on FA, and waited a month for it, never saw it. Then come to find out that the fur was never shipped and SF was in the ER.
SO, I asked tooth for my money back, and was willing to give LOTS of time since she was out the $70 i gave her from never getting the fur or money back from SF.
After a while, I see tooth is getting art from other people and begging for money. So I ontacted them several times to ask for my money back.
The following images shows my warning to report them, as well as conversations between us on the matter.

PROOF: This is where they said they would refund me. Here they are blaming SF for their lack of money, which i understood at first, but soon learned they just enjoy blaming others. Warning to Tooth that I am posting this AB both of these are examples of ALL their journals asking and begging for commissions at one point, Tooth posted a journal asking for someone to make them pants, and that they would pay for them [aka-commission pants from someone] So I confronted them about it. here they said they had a spare $15 and used it to commission someone before paying not only me, but many people back. No, that $15 is not yours, its ours, and you used it~

As of Feb 25 2014 I still have not gotten my money back.

EXPLAIN: I think I covered it all above. The person begs for money and never refunds. If they can not take care of a fursuit making commission, they should not offer them in the first place. Fursuiting takes a lot of time, money, and effort, and Tooth doesnt seem to care about others unless it is quick, cheap digital art.

[edit while im typing]
they replied to me with the following
and a journal post as well

[edit March 10th 2014]
She tried commissioning a fellow artist, and when told she should be refunding people instead of buying art, here was her reply
I went to her page in rage, and tried to post a reply.
She is not, and never has been on my block list, in hopes she would turn herself around.
in short, she still is lying....

[edit march 18th 2014]
Tooth asked for my paypal twice, and when i went to reply, they had me on my block list again

[edit march 19th 2014]
she removed me to message me again, but tried to pity party with the whole "emergency dog fund" thing

[edit march 24th 2014]
she gave me $20 back, still owes me a lot more, but she keeps saying "im taking it out of my dogs funds, so be happy"

[edit march 30th 2014]
i got another $20 from her, but when looking thru her journals, i hear shes going to be homless, and then a few hours later, after people had given her money, she posted this.
still seems very shady, but i could be wrong.
Either way, shes spending money people give her without refunding others.

[EDIT JUNE 13 2014]
Tooth has finally paid me back in full, and no longer has me blocked from what I can tell. She is no longer using curse terms in her messages, and does not go out of her way to contact me or speak rude of me.
I am STILL getting messages from others asking if Tooth is still a problem, as they too need to be refunded, and I shall link them to this post.
I, Aspen, have been refunded and have no more dealings with Tooth.
The rest of you can take this situation as you will.
I wash my hands of this affair.
My side has been resolved.
Tags: artist-tooth./dayy/sai-moonmist, beware
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