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Beware: izzyideshi/melonberrycreations/rainbowserenade

Beware for izzyideshi.

WHO: "izzyideshi" but has many different names/accounts

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Merchandise trade as agreed to in this journal:


October 6th, 2013: Izzy requests 2 badges and a full color picture in return for her buying the merchandise, I approve
Shortly after I produce the 2 badges (foolishly post them without confirmation of my item being bought)
(at this point I am under the impression the item has been purchased as she mentioned earlier she would have to "wait till friday" to buy it, and friday had come and past)
November 14: I produce a sketch for the big picture and she approves it.. then claims she will send shirt soon but her mom is going into surgery. I am shocked to find out it's not sent yet.
December 1st: I request an update, she lets me know she was delayed sending because of the holidays.
January (uncertain date) She claims she was in a major car accident and is in the hospital (using furaffinity and posting journals while in the hospital? hrm..)
February 2nd: She claims she bought 2 shirts and needs my size and address AGAIN. I am confused because the ebay listing she was supposed to buy from is gone.. where did she get the shirts?
February 3rd: She claims she will send them really soon but she has to go to bed.
February 4th: A post on her facebook claims that she is taking a break from facebook and is only paying for commissions that have sent her invoices.

Screenshots of furaffinity notes:

Screenshot of facebook post:

Her shouts on my furaffinity claiming car accident 1 month ago:


I made a journal asking the public if anyone wanted to buy me a t-shirt (i don't have credit card right now) from ebay in return for artwork. Izzy replied and said she would be buying it that friday, so I told her to go ahead and note me with what she wanted. Assuming it had been sent, I produced 2 badges and posted them online, as well as the sketch for the big drawing.

Things started getting suspicious when she mentioned a family surgery as an excuse (possible.. but unlikely :S) then she mentioned another delay due to holidays? After the holidays I started pestering her more (I left a few shouts on her multiple profiles and sent a few notes) but still no merchandise. I believe it is very unlikely Izzy bought the shirt(s) at all. Another journal on an alternative account claims something about a sick dog. She also at one point told me she was in the hospital after a major car accident thats why she wasn't sending the shirts.

She has many many accounts and it looks like I am not the only one she is owing. Recently I found her main account of furaffinity to be suspended, as well as a "leaving facebook" message on her facebook that claims she was only going to pay for certain commissions. (She commissions a lot of artists)

My errors here:
- Producing artwork before confirmation of payment.
-TRUSTING too much.

- Does anyone know why she was suspended?
- Does anyone else have experiences with her?
- Did those who were promised pokemon games in her raffle ever receive them?

Thanks for listening.

Tags: beware, comm-izzyideshi/kitnabarii/kurokitten87

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